Jason Chaffetz on Health Care at town hall

The 9.12 Project Video

Special thanks to the people that put inspirational videos like this together. 

On 9.12.01, we the American people, pulled together to fight a foreign enemy.  On 9.12.09, we the American people, are pulling together to fight with our voices, a domestic enemy.  It is not one person, it is not our president, it is not one party, but the systematic destruction of our way of life, by usurpation of power, by corruption, and by circumventing our Constitution.  We are waking up, we are organizing, and we will through our voices, let Washington DC and politicians everywhere know that our country, our liberty, and our Constitution mean more to us, than they realize.  Thank you to Glenn Beck for helping raise our title of liberty.

Remember, remember the twelfth of September
when American reason was sought
We are seeing the season of Constitutional treason
but we will destroy their plot.
 Poem re-written by Jacqueline & Cleve Smith
The following events occur on September 12, 2009:
If you would like to join in the March on Washington DC with events beginning on Sept 10, and culminating in a March on September 12 please visit
If you would like to participate in the March on the Utah State Capitol at 10:00 a.m. please visit

Here’s to you Mr. Jefferson

Former KGB Agent Explains Conditioning of America

Lincoln has been credited for saying that the education of the classroom today becomes the government of tomorrow.  This video explains well the way that our educational system has failed to keep patriotism alive in our country.  This video is from the 1980’s and you can see the affects of his words today.  If we are to raise up patriots and statesman, it will begin in our homes and in our communities, bringing truth, and principles back to society.   If you feel you could make a difference in your community, please contact us.  Enjoy.

Judge Napolitano Gives Constitution Lesson

Whether you agree with healthcare reform or not, this is a good video on our Constitution limiting powers of the Federal Government.  Enjoy

March on Washington DC on 9.12

There are members of The STAR Forum marching on Washington DC on September 12, 2009.  If you cannot make it to our nations capital, we invite you to gather at your state capitals around the country.  A good place to find others doing this is at www.meetup.com.  Sign up and then search for 9.12 groups or teaparty groups.  Also, you can get more information about the march on DC at www.912dc.org.  Please remember to be peaceful and respectful to others.  Enjoy the video.

The Government and The Cure



By Phillip Leonard


The Declaration of Independence gives witness to our God-given right to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.  This is the document by which we as a nation declare we are not subject to the demands of rulers of foreign nations.  It opened the door to self-rule by government of the people.   The necessity of this document became evident through a number of factors.  A few of which are as follows:

 Citizens of various nations left their country of origin because they wished to escape injustice, poverty, subjugation to an elite ruling class and unbearable taxes levied at the whim of any number of individuals in the ruling class.

Once in America immigrants found new opportunities, but the heavy hand of the colony’s founding nation’s ruler was still felt and that feeling was all too often uncomfortable.

 If we renew the old ties of bondage to other nations who haven’t improved their system of governance in the last 400 years then we will have sold our birthright as stated in the Declaration of Independence.  That is the three part birthright of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We will again become the property of, and subject to, the whims of governments and despots who will see us only as a source of labor and resources.

 If we join with foreign governments and agree to allow them ( i.e. international court in The Hague) to have any jurisdiction over American citizens for what they may do in their own country, or for what its soldiers or other US Government representatives may do while in the service of their government then we have forfeited our benefits under the Declaration of Independence.  Foreign powers will feel no obligation to acknowledge an individual’s rights to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

The fathers of this nation recognized the importance of acknowledging these God-given rights.  Therefore, they devoted themselves to the task of drafting an instrument, which would ensure these rights for all citizens.  Its comprehensiveness, economy of words, and simplicity of form are nothing less than marvelous. 

If we reject the wisdom of our nation’s founding fathers, what do we stand to gain from such a mindless deed?  The present administration is well on its way to “remaking America”.  They are drowning us in debt.  They want to destroy our present healthcare system, which more than 85% of the population participates in and most of which are happy with their coverage.  The desire to destroy the old system of caring for the 85% is so the government can provide care for 7-10% at the expense of the 85%.  

Capitalism is no longer going to be an acceptable economic system.  The government will control manufacturing, labor, healthcare, energy and environment and the financial institutions.  Various media outlets have already surrendered their independence to the present political machinery. 



We have seen the disease infecting our national structure and weakening our ability to remain an independent sovereign nation.  This is the same ailment, which was found so harmful by our founding fathers.  The disease leads to an unsympathetic ruling class and a working class whose symptoms are heartache and hard times.

Our founding fathers were able to bring about a cure because the colonial congress was filled with moral virtuous men and when the average colonist saw they needed to be virtuous to gain and maintain their liberty they did so and it had the desired effect.

Today we do not have a congress filled with virtuous moral men, and our czars are avowed communists, tax dodgers, admitted adulterers, bribe-takers and they employ people and organizations who use intimidation, bribery, fraud and would fit right in with dictatorial regimes anywhere in the world.

We need to send new men to Washington, D.C.  Men who are moral and virtuous.  Without a healthy congress, we cannot succeed at restoring the Republic.  In the meantime, we must express our dissatisfaction with the status quo.  Not only do we need to voice our displeasure with it, but we must increase our numbers by helping to educate those suffering from apathy.

Summit County Fair in Coalville, Utah

The Summit County Fair is a wonderful time for family to get together and see how things are done in the country.  So many children raise pigs, cows, sheep, and hogs.  They are shown at the fair, and proceeds go through the 4H group to help these children learn wonderful lessons in animal husbandry and responsibility, and most kids put the money in an account for future education.  Other children show rabbits, chickens, turkeys, etc.


The STAR Forum will be available at the fair in our booth.  We will have Pocket Constitutions to give away, The 5,000 Year Leap to purchase in book or MP3 form, and information about our group.  We encourage you to come and see our booth, and get to know some of our members.  JOIN US in the moving the cause of liberty forward.

The booth will be open in Coalville, Utah at the Fair Grounds

Thursday, August 6 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Friday, August 7 from 11:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 8 from 11:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Map to Coalville

The Fair is underway now, August 6.  Today, my oldest daughter won 1st place in Showmanship for Hogs in her class at the fairgrounds.  One of the motto’s of our fair is that we aren’t raising pigs (or cows or sheep) we are raising children.



silvere fair

The winning buckle (sorry, it was a cell-phone pic and is a bit blurry.)

 silvere fair2