Former KGB Agent Explains Conditioning of America

Lincoln has been credited for saying that the education of the classroom today becomes the government of tomorrow.  This video explains well the way that our educational system has failed to keep patriotism alive in our country.  This video is from the 1980’s and you can see the affects of his words today.  If we are to raise up patriots and statesman, it will begin in our homes and in our communities, bringing truth, and principles back to society.   If you feel you could make a difference in your community, please contact us.  Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Former KGB Agent Explains Conditioning of America

  1. My observation is that you come from a place of lack rather than abundance. That is a sad way to see the world. But it is no one’s right to take from anyone. It’s not your right, and it can not be the government’s right either. If money not used for good is money wasted, that is still the individual’s right to waste.

    Forced charity by government control is not humanity but oppression and tyranny. A man’s labor, and the money earned from that labor is his property, and in this country property rights still exist.

    There will be some wealthy who choose not to give. Most however, do not obtain wealth without the principle of charity being followed in some respect. But, that is their right, their liberty, to choose.


  2. If we rely on charity to cover thy neighbour then we will have to wait until we are all dead before that actually happens. Charity is nice, but it takes too long to be effective. Bill Gates accumulated billions in wealth until his wife, Melinda, essentially forced him to create a foundation. If he were taxed at a higher rate and the government had the funds to develop actual programs to help people get out poverty we would never be in the mess we are in today. This focus on the individual is the most frustrating argument. It makes no sense when we as human beings have also worked communally. Start with family, then to friends, then to neighbours. If I knew my neighbour had more money and could afford to lose some which would help my other poor neighbour then yes I would take from them, as money not used is money wasted, money not given to those in need is cruel. Seek forgiveness by helping people now, not by waiting til one has the wealth to do so. I am poor and give to others on a regular basis cause I know for fact that there are more wealthy there are even more poor.


  3. As for studying and understanding the constitution, at now point does the constitution actually limit the powers of the government by the people. The blog post you have about government and the cure implies that the constitution is a libertarian document calling for limited government, but as the documents and debates about the constitution raise is that it was a compromise with flexibility to be changed and as the Supreme Court is established to interpret the use of the constitution in the future. I check our government and empower our government to take on more responsibilities as the elected people I voted for see fit. Since you and this site seems to believe that the government has stepped beyond its powers means to me that there are a number of US Supreme Court cases that require a review. I.E.In Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) the federal government has the power to regulate interstate commerce. It is vague but at no point does it state that the government is not able to run programs. In fact that is what government is made to do.


    • You interpret regulate to mean control, and it means to keep regular. If I do not have certain rights as an individual, I cannot give those rights to the government. Can you steal from your neighbor and give that money to your poor friend to buy his health insurance? Then the government shouldn’t be able to either. They can create laws to control pricing, to control waste, to incentivize private programs for the “have-nots.” Private sector, philanthropic individuals need to have incentives to make it happen. I do think we don’t need some reform, but not take-over.


  4. Your comments are always welcome, but nowhere in my post or in this specific video are any claims about Alinsky made.

    Our education system teaches consumerism, rather than production, and socialism, rather than liberty. If we as a people focus on principles of the proper role of government, our entire society is lifted. When we focus on individual liberties rather than collectivism, our society is better. That is what made America great.

    You have very strong opinions, many of which I agree with, and I’m not sure why you felt you needed to lash out like I don’t believe in a Democratic Republic. And if you believe the Constitution as I do, and have studied it, as I have, then you would know that if corporate greed takes advantage of another, it is the responsibility of Congress to make laws protecting individuals. It is not the responsbility for them to take over.

    This video should not make anyone afraid, but should help people understand that freedom and liberty must be taught in our schools and in our homes. Virtue and morality must remain a part of our society, and should be a part of public office.


  5. I hate to say it but this video proves absolutely nothing. The uprisings in the US are not so shallow. A bit of US history is in order to understand even the first shred of understanding why Americans rose up against the corporate and capitalist agenda that was the Vietnam & Korean Wars (Wars which were never approved by Congress, check that on your constitution). Prior to the Russian Revolution and the develop of the KGB which came under a totalitarian thought of Stalin, was issues & actions that occurred in the US. For instance, in 1917, the US gov’t at the request of nationalist people and corporations had the workers who protested against WWI slaughtered as they went on strike. It was “red” scare a complete lack of knowledge that led the gov’t to kill peaceful activists that were seeking better wages by their employers. Let’s jump back even further May 1886 Haymarket Chicago. 7 activists who never weren’t even present, were falsely accused of throwing a bomb at a rally, that was instigated by the police and later proven so, but only after the State had all 7 hung for the crimes. Every hear of May Day, as in May 1st, some say it is the international workers’ day, well it celebrates May 1886 and the actions by capitalists and the state to kill 7 innocent victims. You think that the students of the 1960’s were brain washed? Really, Really! Your motto is about education and the seek more of it, but it seems that the education you seek stops when it conflicts with “scriptures” and religion. Let me be the first to tell you that the religions of the world are just as guilty of murder as the state and corporations. The so-called link to William Ayers and Saul Alinsky to the KGB is absurd. Both advocated against Soviet style socialism and the KGB tactics. You’d think that the KGB of all places would seek to gain the support of these detractors. Not at all. The greatest freedom I have as a citizen of this country is to speak against its wrongs. I’ll say it is ANTI-AMERICAN to think we should embrace the Republic! We are not Rome, we are not a nation made up of Senators deciding that the Greeks should be slaves to them for thinking Democracy is a good idea. No in fact we are not a Republic, we are both. Look back at your constitution, the House was created to bring a level of democracy to the US, the Senate was created to keep aspects of the Republic and the President was created to oversea and administer the quasi-democratic republic. It does not mean we simple sit on the US Constitution and interpret it to be what we think. The first amendment guarantees both individual rights to speak and collective rights to assemble. The Bill of Rights is not simply individual rights it is both. Maybe take a course on the US constitution before claiming to know how to interpret it. As for education and the system we learn it from, as I see you believe in home schooling, great for you. I am just as critical of our education system because it only seeks to force us to believe that capitalism is the only road. That is just like thinking that Kings and Queens are the only road it is complacent and fails to challenge society to actual change. Go back to you scriptures and realize that they are not the only way to look at life, but instead an interpretation to look at it. There are many other scriptures that will contradict the ones you put forward.

    I finish by saying this, the Above Video is strictly propaganda to set fears in the eyes of those that seek the most to gain and is a win for those that have the most to lose.


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