March on Washington DC on 9.12

There are members of The STAR Forum marching on Washington DC on September 12, 2009.  If you cannot make it to our nations capital, we invite you to gather at your state capitals around the country.  A good place to find others doing this is at  Sign up and then search for 9.12 groups or teaparty groups.  Also, you can get more information about the march on DC at  Please remember to be peaceful and respectful to others.  Enjoy the video.

2 thoughts on “March on Washington DC on 9.12

  1. WE must take this to our Governors and representatives both State and Federal at our State Capitols.

    We must demand that the only answer is:

    The Constitution does not delegate this power to the Federal Government.

    With all the discussion of this bill leads people to think that it is within the Federal Power and it is not. There are only 17 delegated powers granted to the Federal Government and General Welfare only refers to the United States. It is clear in the Federalist Papers with James Madison and Hamilton that this in reference to maintenance of the union of states or the United States and has absolutely nothing to do with the individual citizen.

    Pleased get focused on the Constitution and tell the Federal Government they can not do this at all.

    We must demand that our Governors preserve the powers retained by the States and the People. If he doesn’t recall him from office and those representatives who are failing to keep their oath to PROTECT, PRESERVE, DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION.


  2. I’d love to go to DC for this, but unfortunately I have other duties that I need to take care of that day. I may be able to sneak away for a bit to the Utah state capitol building, so I’ll shoot for that.

    It is very important that we continue to send this administration the message that we will not allow it to dictate the decisions that affect our freedom. This country is great in spite of, not because of government intervention in the lives of its citizens.


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