The 9.12 Project Video

Special thanks to the people that put inspirational videos like this together. 

On 9.12.01, we the American people, pulled together to fight a foreign enemy.  On 9.12.09, we the American people, are pulling together to fight with our voices, a domestic enemy.  It is not one person, it is not our president, it is not one party, but the systematic destruction of our way of life, by usurpation of power, by corruption, and by circumventing our Constitution.  We are waking up, we are organizing, and we will through our voices, let Washington DC and politicians everywhere know that our country, our liberty, and our Constitution mean more to us, than they realize.  Thank you to Glenn Beck for helping raise our title of liberty.

Remember, remember the twelfth of September
when American reason was sought
We are seeing the season of Constitutional treason
but we will destroy their plot.
 Poem re-written by Jacqueline & Cleve Smith
The following events occur on September 12, 2009:
If you would like to join in the March on Washington DC with events beginning on Sept 10, and culminating in a March on September 12 please visit
If you would like to participate in the March on the Utah State Capitol at 10:00 a.m. please visit

4 thoughts on “The 9.12 Project Video

  1. There are things on which we agree. Bailouts are unnecessary, and actually go completely against capitalism. A true capitalist wants poorly run companies to fail, or come near failure and be bought by another entrepreneur who believes he can fix it. A capitalist wants toxic assets sold to the highest bidder. The tax-payers should never be involved. However, since you bring up the credit crisis, some of this was legislated because of the same groups that support Obama, and are STILL getting tax-payer money. ACORN is one of those groups. There were lobbyists that lobbied to have MORE regulation on banks and mortgage companies to assure that those who normally could not afford housing were given special mortgages, and given ways to gain credit that were unheard of in the past. In fact those banks were required to meet certain government requirements for what is considered sub-prime mortgages. This was financial suicide when it started, but it took a while for the pill to take affect. As you stated, the push was there, but it was with more regulation, not less.

    You are correct; people made a lot of money on the banking fiasco, and took advantage of the system. But the goal was to flood the system with an unsustainable amount of debt that could never be paid off. Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae, were the biggest culprits. How convenient it is for the government to now own these holdings. And how kind they are that they will rent them back to the American people. They are creating serfs. And you are right again, people don’t save. It isn’t because they can’t, it’s because they won’t. Our society has created a culture of instant gratification, and the desire for more stuff. This isn’t the capitalists fault, this is the fault of our society letting go of fundamental truths, mostly in the arena of ourselves, to not learn to bridle ourselves. I do not place blame on any specific area because it lies within the human nature of individuals, and the laziness of not improving or mastering ourselves.

    You are probably right, Obama may not be a communist, but more likely an opportunist. He has surrounded himself with radicals, and I believe they are creating a new order in our country, that completely goes against the Constitution. If he were having communists advise him on how not to let communism in, I would be just fine, but that isn’t what these people are doing. You want names, here’s one for starters. Van Jones. The other highly radical name is John Holdren. Whether it’s fascism, totalitarianism, or communism, it will end up the same. Total government control. This is completely against what our Founding Fathers intended. The Constitution may seem pliable to you, and I recognize it has a way of being changed, but that should NEVER be taken lightly. What our Constitution did for the rest of the world was spread freedom and prosperity in a way no other country before or since has done.

    I don’t believe at all that we are in a plutocracy, but rather an oligarchy. (there are several definitions, and I’m not sure which one you are using.) Anyone can do anything in America when they set their mind to it. Individuals that have come from circumstances, that appear difficult or even impossible to overcome, surround me, and yet, they have overcome. They have educated themselves with the classics, they have sought out mentors, they have tried and failed and tried again. There may be economic inequality, but that is where it ends. Most of that inequality is based on their own individual desire to rise above their situation. People who believe that life isn’t fair, or unequal are believing the lie being pushed down their throats by the left media, that only government can pull them from their situation, that they have to stand together to create their opportunities. They are taught that they are the victims of some injustice, even when that injustice hasn’t occurred in their lifetime, or the lifetime of even their grandparents. To believe that you are a victim, makes you a victim. The ones who rise above do it, because they adhere to basic principles of right living, succeed.

    I hope you see that these posts are not directed against Obama, but at the state of government as it has evolved and continued to deteriorate our individual liberties. This isn’t Republican vs. Democrat, this is the American people wanting to hold our elected officials to the oath they take to defend the Constitution. There are wonderful Democrats and Republicans in America that are tired of their government lying to them. They are tired of putting their children’s future at risk with bailouts on taxpayer money. They are tired of out-of-control spending in Washington DC on projects to get them re-elected, which only serve a few districts, rather than the American people. Our Federal government is intended to serve our military needs, help with issues between states, and very few other limited powers. They have overstepped, and have been overstepping their bounds for some time. They are tired of the politicians putting their interests over the interests of the American people so they can stay in office and collect fat paychecks, free healthcare, and lifetime of retirement funds.

    We do agree that money (an aristocracy) is trying to control things. However, the government (an aristocracy of the elitists) is also trying to control things. We would like control given back to the states where it really belongs. Individual rights, then state rights, should trump most of the debate in Washington DC.


  2. You mean the government stepped in on those specific industries. You seem to be confusing totalitarianism with socialism. Simply put socialism is democracy, if this were a socialist/communist take over you would see every single worker in all of those industries being part of the decision process in determining what is made and how to make it. You need to understand that facism and socialism are two worlds apart. If the US government were acting in a socialist manner they would have not just stepped in on US auto industries they would take over toyota, honda, kia, mercedes, VW, BMW, none of them are under any control of the US government. Second Chrysler was sold to FIAT another auto company. The banking industry failed miserably with their subprime loans (which they fought for and made millions off of) I never wanted the US government to touch them I wish they would have let them crumble, but to save capitalism they saved them so capitalism can live another day. His advisors, name me one adviser that is a communist or a socialist? I’ll have you know that Reagan, JFK, LBJ had socialist advisers on their staff to specifically figure out how not to allow socialism to flourish.

    Health care is not going to taken over by a simple public option. Case in point Mexico has a public option for the bare minimum of services, but their private healthcare owns the market just like here in the US. In the UK there is NHS, but there is also private healthcare for more services for those that have the money to pay for it. Do you see the UK as a socialist state? controlled by socialism? If so then whey do their banks do so well, why are french corporations buying US companies, why UK companies buying US companies? Well one they do not have to spend money on healthcare and second they save, save, save something that is impossible to get Americans to do (you may be an exception). There is no aristocracy in this situation, there was under Bush, specific companies were and still make billions off of US military spending. That’s the military industrial and academic complex the Eisenhower warned about. Blackwater, Haliburton, etc…currently there aren’t any, though I am sure some companies will get deals, but Obama, though not a socialist/communist doesn’t have financial connections to companies like Cheney and Bush did. You are trying to call a black bird blue, when the bird is black. Look at your history books, what did past presidents do, that are similar? FDR comes to mind, he hated socialism and communism, but he put the state in the position to control the macroeconomy, to keep a strong economy together, but capitalism flourished. Glenn Beck isn’t my problem, I don’t listen/watch any 24 news channel, in fact I don’t watch any because they are all biased toward capitalism. But socialism doesn’t slowly happen, it is from revolutions. The only things our president is guilty of is trying to make our lives easier. Obama is not from an elite class of people, now I’d say not entirely through government we are more likely in a plutocracy. Many people with money are trying to control this society, people like the heads of every insurance company are trying to fight against policy that helps those without/less money. But a plutocracy is inherent within a capitalist society. AIG still exists, it is a private company, but they were subject to extreme measures of regulation. Hell I wish they rolled over and died I certainly didn’t want my tax dollars to save idiots who made stupid decisions. The problem is for the last 40 years there has been a neoliberal push to eliminate regulations on the banks and insurance and finance that brought withit the demise of our economy, too much money in the hands of a small group of people doing the same exact thing trying to make more profits by eliminating costs. they did it and the what, the economy crashed cause no body was watching or had regulatory power to do anything.


  3. There are communists (avowed) advising the President. They are radicals, and they have been exposed. I agree with you, the capatalist system isn’t going to go anywhere, but the aristocracy that is trying to be created by these people is coming. It’s a government, and wealth aristocracy, coming from both sides of the isle.

    You have mentioned that Glenn Beck is encouraging violence. I would love to see you give me “in context” when that has ever been the case. I have only heard him say to be non-violent, and in fact encourage peaceful protests, peaceful discussion, and peaceful gatherings. This accusation is false.

    It wasn’t until I had heard Glenn Beck for a number of months that I learned he was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This did not change my opinion of him. Many who belong to the STAR Forum are not of that faith. Many who are 9.12 ers are not of that faith.

    The poem is taken from the Guy Fawkes era, is actually saying nothing about violence. To destroy a plot does not mean it is done with violence. To destroy it, one just must know about it, and un-cover it.

    The government has taken over much of our banking, they have taken over the car industry, now they want to take over the health care industry. That is socialism in it’s early stages. What’s next on their takeover list?


  4. “We are seeing the season of communist treason
    but we will destroy their plot” What??? Please people understand what socialism and communism are first before claiming that is what is happening to this country. No one is pushing for either. In either case not even self identifying socialists or communists would support any measure of government similar to the USSR. I understand there is a fear factor being used to scare people into thinking this is the advent of socialist up rise it isn’t. The democratic party, just like the republican party and the libertarians support capitalism, the only difference is some social programs by way of works programs to keep people working (instead of them being lazy as many claim on the right) health care to keep workers healthy to continue working, is that so hard to accept. Our founding fathers fought for democracy, democracy. Their form of democracy came in the creation of a republic, but it doesn’t have to stay strictly a republic, it can evolve into more democratic means (not mob rule) by allowing more voices to be heard, just like your voice. But if the voice of the American people demand more from there government there is nothing in the constitution that prevents it in fact it is a flexible enough to allow it. It is so frustrating as a socialists to see the misinformation out there about what is happening today. Take it from me, a socialist or communist if you will, the revolution will come from the bottom up and not from the president or elected leaders, they are part of the existing system in support of capitalism. You think the corporations would allow socialism to take over, which would mean that more than Glenn Beck would be talking about it, but he’s the only one having the discussion. He’s also the only one that is encouraging violence by referring to so-called “enemies” being in the White House. I understand that because Glenn Beck is a fellow Mormon that many within that religion take him more seriously, but please consider the fact that he works for a capitalist whose only care is to make profits off of advertising sales by whatever means necessary. Isn’t ironic that Foxnews is conservative, while their regular TV shows are rather “liberal” and “leftist” ?


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