Exploring the Sub-Conscious Mind — FREE CLASS

Exploring the Sub-Conscious Mind — FREE CLASS


Join us, Saturday, February 13, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.

I have been having such an intense change in myself this year, that I want to share with you some of the things I am learning.  This is an invitation to a free class that will enlighten your mind, and give you control over your sub-conscious reaction.

We will be discussing the keys to tapping into our subconscious, finding the books that will be the most productive to change our mindset.  We will be looking in to The Karpman Drama Triangle, how to recognize it, how to avoid stepping into it, and how to shift to a more powerful place in your life, with freedom instead of drama.

Come to a comfortable discussion.  I will share with you my experience of my dwindling after my run for Congress, and my story of re-birth into a life I am so grateful to have.

Jenn McMcurdoJen McMurdo will be discussing the heart.  How to step into unconditional love, and make the most of your relationships.  She is my partner in Mentoring For Me, and she has a great calming presence.

We also are pleased to announce that Stephen Miller will be joining us andStephen Miller discussing a powerful concept of NOW that has helped so many people get beyond their past, and have a brighter, happier future.

REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED!  Seating is limited.  Please on HERE for your ticket.

Bring your spouse.  Let’s change the world one person at a time.



Do you have an Ideal Life Vision? Meet Ann Webb

Re-blogged with edits fromShanon Brooks with permissionPosted: 23 Apr 2015 01:21 PM PDT

Ann-Webb-headshot-300x300 15 years ago, Dr. Shanon Brooks sat in the living room of a female student.  She was a mother of 5 and had an idea she wanted to share with him.She was shy and nervous. She fumbled and struggled to share what was in her heart. He praised her for the effort and thought little of it.
To his surprise, a decade and 1/2 later, Ann Webb is the owner of 2 businesses earning a multiple seven-figure income, has a happy and fulfilling family life, is having real impact with her LifeVision students in Africa, and is a founding mentor in the Conscious Creator Mentoring Network.
In a recent telephone conversation he asked about her mission and she said, “The best part of what I do is seeing hundreds and thousands of lives change and transform as they begin using Ideal LifeVision in their daily routine.  You see, in my experience, most people that I meet are unhappy with the results in their lives and at some point they express this burning desire to re-invent themselves.
‘Why? It’s very simple, they don’t have the body they want, the money they want, or the relationships they want.  And even though this is the reality for most people, that ability to change the status quo and create the life they have always dreamed of appears impossible.
‘Because the truth is, they have no idea how to get clear on what they want or even why the things they’ve tried in the past have failed to deliver the results they were seeking. So over the past seven years, I’ve had the chance to guide thousands of people from all over the world through the sometimes rocky journey of living their ideal life.”
Click here if you want to hear more of Ann’s story. You can get access to all of Ann’s process including videos and other helps by enrolling in her short course on the Conscious Creator Mentoring Network. 

It is time to raise the consciousness of the planet.  This network is still in its introductory phase, and new content is being added almost daily.  Soon we will be an international presence.  Instead of displacing so many personal coaches and mentors with a product, we are bringing them all under one roof, and giving YOU a platform to get mentored.  There are so many areas that are of interest to people on this network.  And if you are like me, being coached or taking a  class helps me push myself to greater heights.

And this has everything to do with freedom.  Our liberty is being run by those with money and power and knowledge.  It is time we turn the tables and raise ourselves up, become better so that we have the people around us who can see the vision of the future, where people in  America and around the world are the humanitarians, philanthropists, and statesmen we need.  IT JUST MIGHT BE YOU!

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I am Jacqueline Smith.  I am all about liberty, freedom and abundance.  I am the change I wish to see in the world.   JOIN ME!