3 Things We Need for Freedom to Win

by Jacqueline Smith


The S.T.A.R. Forum is here to help educate and advocate the cause of liberty.  We will be launching chapters of The S.T.A.R. Forum in as many states as possible to spread the word of Constitutional Freedom through education and advocacy of constitutional principles.  This site is dedicated to standing by principles more than issues.  Issues will resolve themselves as we move toward a principle centered people.


Oliver DeMille, founder of George Wythe University, stated there are 3 things needed for freedom to win:


  1. Wide spread sensus plenior thinking  – Latin word for multiple meaning.  Fuller meaning.  We have been taught that we need to be sensus solum. (single meaning).  We’ve been taught to learn something for the right answer, the correct answer, the only answer.  It’s only one way to learn.  You can’t be limited in that learning or society becomes limited, and freedom fails.  American founders were taught to think sensus plenior and sensus solum.  They learned sensus plenior FIRST.   Poetry first.  Bible, Shakespeare, etc. before they learned Montesquieu and Locke.  We teach sensus solum first, and then expect sensus plenior, and then grade sensus solum.


When you read about how the name of The S.T.A.R. Forum was created, it was sensus plenior thinking.  It’s a stretch, and that’s good.  We need more of that thinking in our populous.  We need 70 million people thinking that way.  That’s right, I said 70 million.  Can you help spread sensus plenior in your neck of the woods?  If so, email us here, and I will help you set up a chapter in your area.  Then you will be a S.T.A.R. as well, and able to change the course of this great country.


  1. Mini-factories – A single person or small group of people doing something as good or better than the big industries.  This may be a business for profit, or a business that fulfills a social need. This creates freedom.


We need 7 million of these things in our country so freedom can win.  Be one of these.  Learn about what this looks like.  Read books like The E-Myth Revisited emyth, Tribes tribes, Launching a Leadership Revolution launching-leadership-revolution, and The 8th Habit.8th-habit


  1. 700 Leaders – We will need 700 real leaders with the education and influence to move our nation.  These will be of the quality of leadership of Ghandi, Mother Teresa, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc.  True leaders who move the cause of liberty forward.


This one is the hardest.  But if it’s your mission to do it, then do it.  Get a superb leadership education.  Maybe you need a PhD in Constitutional Law.   There is a Distance Program that will give it to you, with a lot of hard work.  As a student of George Wythe University myself, these are the hardest, most rewarding, and most transformational classes I’ve ever attended.  FREEDOM CAN WIN!

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