The Battle for State Rights Continues in Utah

The battle rages on with Utah taking the lead.  Thank you to Governor Herbert and Representative Wimmer and his colleague Chris Herrod, for leading the way.  Utah education funding could be a non-issue if the Federal Government will get out of our way.  Take a look at the total land owned by the Federal government in western states.

Thanks to Jared Law for showing this on his website.

For another post on this, including an interview with Congressman Rob Bishop click HERE.

2 thoughts on “The Battle for State Rights Continues in Utah

  1. I we talking about state rights? Are we talking about the same group of people that want a federal cap on “state” tort cases? Are we talking about restricting a persons rights to the courts by capping the amount an attorney can recover from the cost of pursuing a lawsuit that he may not win? Is this the states/individual rights we are talking?


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