Global Warming Hoax

Global Warming Hoax Scientists caught red-handed fixing data (BIG NEWS)

 by Scott Simons

Scientist used mainly for support of the UN, Al Gore and Global Governance groups have been exposed.  They are criminally manipulating information that would disprove global warming and actual evidences showing the earth has been cooling.

Complicit several main stream news sites have been sitting on the new found proof for nearly a month.  Not only it is evident from the thousands of pages of email, memos, and documents captured in a hacked attack a couple of months ago, what is extremely disturbing is that it exposes how the CRU conspired to undermine honest scientists to destroy them and their work.

I could go on with tons of information but all you need to do to check this out yourself is Google, Yahoo, Start Page, type in “ClimateGate” and you can find it all out, (except in the Main Stream Media), this needs to go viral, at the grass-roots level. 

I found the fullest coverage is but there are many other sites.

It is up to us to spread the news, because the silence is going to be deafening from the MSM (main stream media). 

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