Morgan Philpot’s Words of Wisdom


As many of you know, Morgan Philpot resigned as Vice-Chairman of the Utah Republican Party.  He is currently running for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District and if chosen by the Republican party delegates will face incumbent Jim Mattheson.  I ran across words from him that I think we should all consider.  This was taken from the Utah GOP Blog at   To find out more about becoming a delegate on March 23 in Utah, please contact us.


Vice-chair’s Message:

These days I see and hear a great deal of political discontent. It is not simply a product of Democrat control of Congress and the White House – many members of our own party are not happy with the Republican message and agenda on a local and national scale. The State Party leadership team is aware of this, and we are doing something about it by focusing on principles and returning to our roots.

Believe it or not, I can empathize with this discontent and believe it may even be merited. Let me explain:

Hugh Nibley, speaking on the Second Law of Thermodynamics (the law of entropy) stated, “Everything runs down.” Similarly, biologist Lyall Watson said, “[l]eft to itself everything tends to become more and more disorderly.”

I believe that our party and especially our government should be critically analyzed for the same inevitable trend. As systemic integrity and order decreases, aggregation of power and patronage increases. Systemic integrity is vital to the proper check and balance of power, especially in a constitutional and free society where sovereignty rests in people.

Today we are charged as individuals and party members with a responsibility to rein in partisan and governmental processes where almost every person, faction, and politician seems to be “walking in their own path,” or seeking their own power. I believe all should strive to maintain the maxim of power, with its requisite agency and accountability, in the lowest common denominator – the people.

If left for too long, compromise and decay in systemic integrity – without proper renewal and attention – can lead to critical failure. Long term and systemic compromise and decay in our political systems at home in Utah and abroad in America is one big reason why we are seeing turbulence and political discontent today. Many feel that with this systemic corruption has come aggregation of power and influence. This reality gives rise to the great responsibility that is laid at our feet as free men and women; to renew the system.

How then do we renew the system? I believe the answer lies in active political participation at a local level wherein we seek to maintain our party and governmental systems in a manner that is rooted in a loyalty and devotion to the Providentially designed Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

The Constitution is our great guide; it was the pattern upon which our own party’s governing documents were created. Within its words are systems and patterns of government that – if followed – prevent the second law of thermodynamics from taking effect.

As Vice-chair I invite you to join with me in seeking to critically analyze and review our party structure and integrity. Review the party bylaws and constitution. Examine them with the Constitution as your light and guide. Find out who your local partisan leaders are. Find out who represents you on your county or state central committee. Find out who your legislative district leaders are. These are the individuals charged with governing our party and maintaining our governing documents. They are accountable to you. Lend them your assistance and advice, your research and admonitions. Together we can renew the American system of government starting right here at home. By doing so, others will join us in our cause, which has been and should always be the great cause of Liberty.

Morgan Philpot