A Bit of a New Direction


June 1, 2010 by Jonathan | Edit 

Those who know me know that I have recently undergone a dramatic change in my life.  I had the blessing of awakening to an understanding of the principles of liberty and the awful situation that we are in due to our choices and how they place our liberties in jeopardy.  It amazes me how blindly I walked through life until recently.  Thankfully, I recognized my opportunity to change.  It was an opportunity to replace an incorrect worldview based on emotion and tradition with a sound foundation based on truth and principles.

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One Nation, Under God?

It was one year ago TODAY, on April 6, 2009 that Mr. Obama declared this nation “no longer a Christian nation.”  What a day to mock our Christian heritage.  In my religion, April 6 is a special, holy day.  The day of Christ’s birth was in the spring, not the winter, even though we celebrate Christmas with the rest of the world on December 25.  This nation is built on Judeo / Christian beliefs, and we are still one nation, under God.  This video reminds us what we all need to remember. 

In order to Save The American Republic, we must first save ourselves, through our God.    Are we a nation under God, or a nation gone under?  You decide.