Poll: Would you vote for Sen. Mike Lee?

Hope many of you that want to stand with our Constitution, will also stand with Senator Lee, who has proven himself to be a target because he is taking a stand! VOTE NOW!

6 thoughts on “Poll: Would you vote for Sen. Mike Lee?

  1. I support Mike Lee. The question is how to bring all the independents into the fold.

    It seems to me that the way to do this is to have meetings in which people discuss free market solutions for the problems of the day.

    If people see viable free market solutions in the works, they are more likely to support limited government.

    ahem, The Health Freedom Work Shop I posted on FreedomConnector for January 2nd is a good example of the direction I want to take. The workshop presents a free market alternative to the health exchanges along with a mathematical model to judge the results of socialized care with free market care.


    If people were talking about viable free market alternatives to ObamaCare, people would be more supportive of Mike Lee.


  2. Mike Lee is a principled person and not a typical politician. I had decided to vote for Bridgewater in the primaries, then practically at the last minute I went to a Lee rally. In his speech were many promises to evaluate everything he would vote on according to the Constitution. That turned me around to vote for Lee, and he hasn’t broken his promise. Stand tough, Mike!


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