Special SCC Meeting Called for Re-Vote on Convention Threshold Issue

Great piece. This woman voted for the 2/3 increase from what I understand, but is very upset at the tactics for this special meeting.


A Special Meeting has been called to ask the State Central Committee to re-vote on a proposal that was already presented and voted on at our April meeting.  At issue is a Constitution and Bylaws proposal that would raise the convention threshold vote required for a candidate to avoid a primary — the proposal in question would raise the threshold from 60% to 2/3 (view the agenda and read the proposal here).  This Special Meeting will be held immediately before the State Convention this Saturday.

At our April SCC meeting, a majority of the committee voted in favor of raising the convention threshold to 2/3 — the vote was 79 for, 46 against.  Now that proposal moves to the delegates for a vote at Saturday’s State Convention.  Here’s the crux of the issue:  because the SCC approved the proposal by a simple majority, it will require a 2/3…

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