Question answered on Orrin Hatch

Today, a member of my meetup group said she didn’t feel I had done my homework on Orrin Hatch, and wondered why I felt he wasn’t standing up for our Constitution.  I respect her right to disagree, and wrote this quick email back.  Then I decided to just make it public.  I know he has many votes and he believes we are “cherry-picking” but these few votes, put in context of our current situation show a lack of understanding for the free-market, self-government, Federalism, and our Constitution. 
I’ve included a few photos to corroborate my story.
For the benefit of the group, I will be happy to share my personal and political experiences with Orrin Hatch.  I have met with Orrin personally now on 4 or 5 occasions over lunch or breakfast.  As you know, he came to Coalville a year ago and did a town hall that I set up for him.  He has called me personally from his cell phone in DC as well, to talk “about things,” and I have flown to DC and met him there as well.   I have expressed to him my frustration, only to be told, “I didn’t understand.”  This is nothing more than DC arrogance, and I’m done with it.  These guys work for us.  This is not second-hand information but direct votes and my personal experience.
If you don’t know much about me, I am a very self-educated individual and consider myself an avid student of government, history, and human nature.
  • I was frustrated over TARP in 2008. HATCH VOTED YES!  I believed that vote under Bush (and I am a Republican) could eventually create the downfall of our economic system.  I was trading the stock market that day and AIG was getting the $80 Billion bailout.  I knew this was a direct violation of free-market principles, and I also understood history.  Anytime a government tries to artificially manipulate the free-market system it either creates a deeper recession or depression, or complete collapse of an economy.  It rarely if ever turns out good.  That was a Pandora’s Box.
  • I began looking into Hatch’s record.  There is a website where you can see many of his votes that have been in direct violation with smaller government, or the constitution in and of itself. This is a page with accurate information.
  • Medicare Part D was THE BIGGEST entitlement before Obamacare occurred in this country.
  • NDAA 2012 is another huge violation of our civil liberties. (See post)
  • SCHIP — bad legislation
  • In May he voted against an amendment put forward by Senator Rand Paul that would STOP allowing the FDA to do armed raids against people who drink raw milk, and sell goat cheese without a warrant.  Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Mike Crapo (the guy who will be the finance chair from Idaho if Hatch does not return.) all voted in favor of this amendment.  This amendment would have put back in place our 4th amendment rights that we are not to be improperly searched or seized without a written warrant from a judge.
  • He has voted to raise the debt ceiling $7.6 Trillion dollars (almost 1/2 of our current national debt)
  • He has been in office longer than a dictator. 
  • He is using the same tactics that got us into the mess to try to get us out.  It won’t work.
  • His son works as a lobbyist for a pharmaceutical company and much of his donation money comes from that industry.
  • I’ve heard him publicly say the FDA deserves more money and more power.
  • He approved Cass Sunstein as regulatory czar.
  • He approved Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the supreme court.
  • The Senate Finance Chair should not be someone who has been fiscally irresponsible over the last 36 years.
  • Dan Liljenquist worked at Bain Capitol (Mitt Romney‘s company) and I’m sure he’ll get along just fine if he is the president.
  • Hill AFB is not in danger.  BRAC determines which bases close and which don’t.  Hill is getting tons of money dumped into it right now, and we are building the NSA right here in Utah, so it will need close defense of that BILLION dollar building.
  • Voted for the Federal Department of Education (and took away the ability for states to have control over education)
I hope all of you will do your own homework.  This is just a short list of my reasons. 
(I haven’t blogged in a long time … sorry)

8 thoughts on “Question answered on Orrin Hatch

  1. orrin hatch is a very dishonest man,..but hes a morman.what more could you exspect from him..his son is just like him


    • Being a Mormon has nothing to do with it. His votes speak for themselves. I know Catholics, Jews, Athiests, and Mormons that are good people. I also know bad people in all of those same groups.


      • yes there are a few good mormans but when they get powor they want more and then money..orrin works for the lobbist to get extra money he has no efhics..but look at his leaders..they know what there pushing and teaching is false but they still do it


  2. i like what you say and agree with you,,orrin hatch is a crooked morman and i dont trust him wont vote for him..i would love to read his obituary in the deseret news…i like star forum


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  4. In 36 years are there bound to be good votes, yes. Bad ones, absolutely. Own up to the votes. Simply saying we don’t understand (out of context) is making an assumption. Perhaps my educating myself on the bill is the reason I am against it. Automatically dismissing one of your voters is arrogance. I used to respect Hatch’s ability to cross party lines and work with others, until I realized that he was giving up an awful lot for nothing in return. Remember his BBA he’s put forth over a dozen times. If he were so effective working with others, they’d have helped him out but instead he got stabbed in the back. Yet, he keeps on reaching across the isle. All he says he has is power, well, I am sick of power. And it’s too bad he has all this power because the future of our state hinges on it, whatever will we do when he has to retire or he dies (which he will one day because we all will) ? What then? Eventually we have to start over with a freshman, so let that time be now, not for changes sake but for the good of the country. He has been in office my entire life, that’s plenty of time to make a huge difference, he has, good or bad, it’s time to see what someone else will do.


  5. Your friends question is valid. Sen Hatch has a lifetime reputation of fighting for our constitution and cutting spending. Most of these bills and your views of them and of what they allow is taken out of context and limited to a small part without the checks and balances from other parts of the legislation.
    To go to DC thinking you can wait to vote for perfect bills and be an effective Congressperson or Senator is naive and puts Utah at a further disadvantage. Shall we pass bills that only Republicans vote for? How did that work when the Dems did that with Obamacare. We are the peaceful conservatives, the Dems would create violence and economic problems on top what we have. I agree that will probably happen anyway and I say bring it on. That being said, we must work with the Dems if we are to have success. Yes there are things that we should never compromise on but there are other things we can.
    We would like to think Sen Lee is wildly effective for Utah. Reality is that he does not have the ability to represent us effectively yet. Actions like walking away from your mortgage so you can have a better lifestyle in DC is not going to help him earn the respect he needs to get the job done for Utah.
    Regarding Change for changes sake is exactly what we did with Obama and Clinton. We are smarter than that.


  6. Excellent points, Jackie particularly about being in office so long. I remember my Dad commenting that he supported Hatch for Senate because like Hatch, he felt that Moss had been in office too long – 3 terms. My, how Hatch’s thoughts about a career politician have changed, hasn’t it? He’s been there twice as long as Moss was there.

    To put it in perspective from my point of view – and yours too, as you’re only a year younger than I – I was 12 years old when Hatch was first elected. Next month, I will celebrate my 48th birthday.

    It’s time for a change. Perhaps I’ll stop by your place to get a Liljenquist sign and say hi.


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