The Hatch Machine vs. ?

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The long arm of the paid Hatch-brigade has sunk to a new low.  Since the exit of Jason Chaffetz as a possible candidate to unseat Hatch, there are many in the liberty movement desperately searching for not only a better candidate than Hatch, which isn’t hard, but one that could knock him off his 36-year throne.

I am one of those people exploring ALL my options.  My brother-in-law, set up an informal meeting with Neil Walter.  You might remember him from the convention race with Morgan Philpot for Congressional Seat 2.  He hasn’t said he’s running, and was only looking at options today in a breakfast meeting with a few activists that want Hatch out.

I put a note out for people to meet with Neil, and asked that they RSVP.  I was a few minutes late since I was driving from the Park City area.  When I walked in, they were just starting the discussion.  I looked up and across the table was Christy Achziger.  I like Christy, but this stunned me.  She hadn’t RSVP’d of course.   Word was she was working for Hatch.  I could not believe the nerve.  Now, she is free to work for anyone she wants, but as a paid staffer, it’s like the opposing team’s quarterback coming to your team meeting and acting like it’s no big deal to just open your playbook.  I asked her promptly if she was working for Hatch.  She replied in the affirmative.  I invited her to leave.  She didn’t, until another gentleman pulled her aside and explained why it would be uncomfortable, and we could not speak openly with her there.  The bad manners displayed by the Hatch campaign staff needs to be understood as marching orders from their boss.  Hatch will do anything to keep himself relevant, and sadly he is making some really nice people, look really bad in the process.

Hatch has also managed to get our “trusted” news source of Fox News to suddenly have a love-fest with the senator.  With Sarah Palin, Gretta van (whats-her-name), and Sean Hannity all falling into step.  I am now convinced principles don’t matter to most people, only what is in their best interest and the tug of the almighty (quickly losing value) dollar.

Within two hours of our meeting, someone from the Hatch office had called Neil and set up an appointment for him to meet with Senator Hatch.  One by one Hatch will attempt to convince his opponents to drop out of the race.

I am looking for the man or woman with the guts and drive to stand this goliath in the face and say, “Give it your best shot.”  If you have skeletons in your closet, lead with them.  He’s got them, too.  If you think he can dig up dirt on you from a soiled past and that isn’t who you are now, lead with it.  People understand.  They aren’t perfect either, but don’t let this man bully you into not running.  RUN.

We’ve done our homework Mr. Hatch, and you can be beat.  It isn’t just the liberty movement that is tired of you.  It’s many of the delegates and general populace within the Republican party right here in Utah.  It’s old school Republicans that are your age, and young fresh-faced voters, that have had the same Senator in office their entire lives.  What do you call a six-term senator?  You call him home.  Enough already.

Þ   You are a six-term senator, and that bothers me.

Þ   You started the Department of Education, and that bothers me.

Þ   You crafted legislation on Medicare Part-D (the largest entitlement the country had ever seen until Obamacare), and that bothers me.

Þ   You voted for TARP, and that bothers me.

Þ   You claim to have written the Patriot Act, and that bothers me.

Þ   You continue to give more power to the regulating bodies like the FDA and the USDA, and that bothers me.

I could go on and on.  These things bother me.  As a voter do they bother you?  Take a good look at the Hatch voting record.  I’ve provided some links for you to visit.

If we want to change Washington, we must first change ourselves.  For me, I’m changing myself into a concerned citizen that is paying attention and will no longer let the power-hungry stay in power.

I won’t be scared into believing your stories about Olympia Snowe.  She probably uses Hatch as her number one reason to be re-elected.  Those of you in DC use this strategy with each other against the people, and then you get to DC and shake hands and laugh at the American people who have been “had” again.  You sit in your DC bubble, with a cushy job, with cushy retirement, and cushy medical care, all on the backs of the tax-payers, while you listen to yourselves pontificate at Senate hearings that mean nothing and accomplish nothing other than feed your egos.

Our founding fathers never wanted career politicians.  We need to renew that belief.  We need people who won’t play the seniority game in Washington.  We don’t need any more games in Washington.  We need people who aren’t afraid of losing their “power,” and actually would rather not have it, but believe it belongs to the people.  We need people that will not make compromises that go against their principles for the sake of getting along, but instead hold their ground, for the people of our great nation, and restore our country to it’s founding principles.  We need individuals of integrity, wisdom and virtue.

We are waiting …..where are you?

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11 thoughts on “The Hatch Machine vs. ?

  1. utah is a morman state ruled by the lds church..people are learning that the lds church is a fraud and are leaving in droves..oran hatch jon huntsman gary herbert bob bennet mike lee rob bishop..are all tools of the cult..they talk about there book of to is a fraud made up by joe parly and others from spauldings book..bringum young was a merderer…destroy the lds church.they hate gays and n#####s

    This comment has been edited for language that is not appropriate.


  2. oran hatch is not a good man hes kept our borders open to let the illegal mexicans in to work for the lds church and take american jobs..all morman farmers in utah have illegal mexicans working for them..contracters building new lds temples have illegal mexicans working for them evan though many mormans are out of work..they would rather illegal mexicans..gods true church my ass..satens church and oran hatch was satens bishop


  3. our govener can call hatch back but our govener is as big a crook as oran hatch..its the lds church that tell these men what to do..the way to take care of this problem is to eliminate it at the the carthage grays to come to utah and finish there job..then we will have a big barbaque to celabrate


    • It sounds like you are anti-mormon. It is never wise to put all people in the same category in your mind. Each person of any religion holds good and bad. Some more than others. Judge each person by their own fruits, not collectively. It’s a dangerous slope.


  4. brother hatch is a wonderful man..he needs to be made a marter for the church..hung on temple square in salt lake city then laid to rest at clive energy salotions site in the west desert


  5. Hatch is hard to beat, because of all those “special interest groups” he has in his pocket who keep him in. You almost have to be a gazillionaire to compete. I don’t have that kind of money, but I hope Chaffetz might reconsider. He seems to have the best shot at it

    What we citizens really need to do is purge Washington and that whole crowd.
    Every other elected position except for the Supreme Court Judges has term limits and this would be a real good place to start. Maximum 2 terms, period, regardless of their positions they take. We need new, fresh ideas from the younger politicians, not the old dogs.

    Our Govenor can call Hatch back home at any time under the law, for any reason, so why isn’t he on board on this (?).


  6. oran hatch has turned out to be a big crook.but of course what more coulld you exspect from a morman,.hes filled his pockets and sold our country out..i just hope the utah republican deligates give him the bob bennet boot in the ass..i havent voted for hatch sence his first term..people of utah we need to get rid of oran hatch OUT THE DOOR


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