Brian Aitken comes to Park City, Utah this Friday, March 25

Gun rights are fundamental to our country’s liberty.  We have the right to protect our property, and ourselves and the second amendment was put in place to keep governments from becoming too oppressive.  Now our Congress is being made irrelevant with the continuing regulations put forward by the likes of Cass Sunstein to regulate our guns.  Brian Aitken experienced first hand, how a government can use laws to put law-abiding citizens behind bars, and more.  I think you should meet him.

Brian Aitken is coming to Park City, Utah on March 25.  He will be at the Prospector at 6:00 p.m. for an event sponsored by members of The STAR Forum.  This event is free and open to the public.  Brian is bringing copies of The Law by Bastiat, and other free goodies from his new employer, The Foundation for Economic Education.

RSVP on Facebook here:!/event.php?eid=199811843378383

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Brian Aitken has a unique story from which we all can learn.  After being arrested, he set himself on a path to discover liberty. He found himself at the Foundation for Economic Education started by Hazlitt, a student of Von Mises.  His parental rights were stripped from him.  He was later jailed by a judge who didn’t give all of the information to the jury, and then released by Governor Chris Christie.  Now he fights to have his name cleared.  Brian has been seen on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch, Fox & Friends, and many other news stations.  See our post earlier here.   

The events of Brian’s life can benefit all of us if we choose to learn from him.  This could have been you.  Come and learn with us.  Most of the problems we are now facing are economic, including our illegal immigration problem.  It is time to have a strong grasp of the economic system we are currently in, understand the lies behind that system, and learn how an Austrian economic way of thinking helps our country prosper. 

Through education, freedom can win!

3 thoughts on “Brian Aitken comes to Park City, Utah this Friday, March 25

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  2. This seems related to the gun laws in New Jersey, which are very different from those out west, particularly Utah.

    I understand why the NRA would take an interest, but I don’t understand how this is an issue the STAR Forum would be involved in.


    • Pete — We take an interest in everything that affects our rights. The point of having Brian Aitken come to Utah is to recognize what it may take to defend our rights, whether they be gun laws, parenting rights, property rights or anything where the government has infringed. Brian had great courage in standing strong and not making a plea bargain, even though he knew it meant jail time. He was peaceful and courageous. He also has discovered Austrian Economics, and understands that a free society can only prosper continuously with a sound currency. This affects us in Utah and all over the nation. There is much we can learn from Brian and his experiences.


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