Governor Chris Christie is a Hero, and so is Brian Aitken

Yesterday, the tough on unions’ governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, was a hero to all who believe our 2nd Amendment rights must be upheld. 

This is an amazing story. It is a story of courage, injustice, despair, hope and triumph. Brian Aitkin was moving, and had to transport his guns across state lines. Brian was moving from Colorado to New Jersey. After a dispute with his parents, a mother, worried about her son, called the police.  Rather than protect and serve, they searched and arrested.  He did everything he was supposed to do to make the transport legal. Guns were unloaded, and locked in his trunk. However, he was charged anyway. 

COURAGE: Brian did something courageous. At 27 years old, 

Brian Aitken


he didn’t cave to pressure to plea bargain. He knew, down deep, he had done nothing wrong. He knew that somehow justice would prevail. He has no prior record at all. So, he let the case go to trial. 

INJUSTICE: But then something unexpected happened. A judge did not give the jury all of the rules that gave exemptions for possession and transport of firearms and ammunition when you are moving. With what the jury knew, this man seemed guilty. 

DESPAIR: Jail. Unbelievable. A man who had no prior trouble with the law is in jail. No one was injured, no property had been damaged, no one had been threatened, no crime had been committed, but there he sat. Brian was jailed on August 27, 2010, to serve a 7-year prison sentence for possessing 2 firearms, which were legally purchased in another state. 

HOPE: Governor Chris Christie is the hope. Seemingly, the only person in America lately that understands how to say, “Enough” to the bully’s of the world, Governor Christie was Brian’s hope and our hope as well. Thousands of people called, emailed and wrote to the governor asking him to commute, pardon, or grant clemency to Brian. Brian was our hero. This was huge for Brian, but this was also huge to millions of gun owners across America that believe their 2nd Amendment says it all. 

I wrote to Brian just about 2 weeks ago. I received a letter last week from him. He seemed in good spirits, but he also was very worried for his family, and what they were going through because of this sentence. 

TRIUMPH: December 20, 2010, Governor Chris Christie becomes a hero. He commutes Brian’s sentence. Brian will be home for Christmas. Justice, although slow, prevailed. 

For a more detailed article on the events before his commutation visit:

8 thoughts on “Governor Chris Christie is a Hero, and so is Brian Aitken

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  2. I received this note from Brian Aitken via my facebook page, and wanted to share it with you. HE BECOMES MORE OF A HERO IN MY EYES.

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Just wanted to thank you for the article and kind words. For your supporters… perhaps they should know that while a pardon would be nice they don’t change laws. I personally requested the Commutation of Sentence for this very reason. I’m fighting this not only to have the conviction overturned and get my Rights back but also, just as importantly, to set precedent in New Jersey, to strike fear in the minds of corrupt bureaucrats, and establish a platform to seek legislative change. I’ll take the fight all the way to the Federal Supreme Court if I have to. It’s a new direction for a guy who used to just keep to himself, work hard and play harder… but if I’ve learned anything from this it’s that indifference and apathy are the realist threats to America today… and I cannot in good conscience stand aside and watch.

    Thank you for your support. Perhaps I’ll see you in Utah sometime soon.




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  4. He’s out of prison, but this is hardly a triumph of justice.

    A few points:

    1. Aitken’s sentence was commuted, but he wasn’t pardoned. This means he will have a felony on his record for the rest of his life. He will have trouble finding a job or getting housing. He will never be able to own a firearm ever again.

    2. There will be no accountability for the officers, prosecutors, or the judge that decided to ignore the law and ruin a man’s life. Aitken followed the law to the letter. The message to those who wronged him? Do it again. The worst case scenario is that every few years a media frenzy will free one of the people unjustly imprisoned. But those committing the injustices have nothing to fear.

    3. That it took Gov. Christie so long to act, and that he didn’t pardon Aitken suggest that there are some serious political pressures going on in the background. I wouldn’t expect the intervention of a governor the next time police decide to take down an innocent man.


    • You are quite correct. I think this is good news that he has been released. The governor is in a tight spot because a lawsuit in this case could cost the state millions. I wonder if the governor will work a deal with Brian to pardon him if he refuses to bring a suit. He does need to be pardoned. Also, I have heard that the governor did not reappoint the judge that tried this case. That gives you a clue that Chris Christie may not be done with this case.

      Let’s take it one step at a time, and be grateful for Brian to at least be free and home with his family for Christmas. I think we will see more in the future.


    • Wow, what a great comment, props to you, yes it is like a finger in the dam that is bursting everywhere, who will stop the tyranny. I wish people would stop the applause and think, why is this even happening.


  5. This is what is coming at us, a system of disregard of the law and constitution, tyranny. How is it a police force and legal system has this disregard, where is their head, what has programmed them to be this way?
    The Governor may be doing all he can, but a pardon, a pardon for what?

    good article, thanks for the post


    • He needs to actually be pardoned so he is not seen as a criminal on his otherwise spotless record. Clemency or pardon, whatever you want to call it. I celebrate that Brian is free, but this case cannot be over until the judge’s ruling is overturned.


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