Senator Orrin Hatch is not the Enemy

Orrin Hatch US Senator

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by Scott Simons 

On November 12, 2010 at the Wanship Firehouse, Senator Orrin Hatch graciously took questions for nearly 3 hours and spent additional time one on one afterwards, I find this to be extraordinary.  In today’s world of “I don’t have time for anyone”, this was very impressive. Now, we are talking about one of the most powerful men in the world, coming to a very small town, in an atmosphere that may not have been that favorable to him and he also brought his lovely wife of 57 years, I don’t know about you,  but that is what I respect about this man, he will dialog with you under any circumstances. 

I first met the Senator at a county delegate meeting in Park City with my lovely wife of 37 years nearly three years ago, again I have found no one as personable and sincere. I can see how he has lasted this long in politics.   I have voted for Senator Hatch in every election except the first one when I was 23 years old and still pretty liberal. The impression he first left with me at that delegate meeting was good and was reaffirmed Friday night.  Don’t get me wrong, I would not say the Senator and I agreed on much of anything. 

Names were taken at the door and placed into a hat and pulled out for your turn.  As the evening progressed on, I was ready, and for the past week I had a list of all the ills of our country’s government. Friends and church members all gave me their input, I was fully ready; but as I pondered, I realized that there was only one central issue that needed to be addressed. So, I stood there and waited, hoping my name would be drawn out, question after question and nothing said, I was getting anxious how could the most obvious question slip by and not be asked, and finally Jacqueline Smith breached the subject and Rob Hunt redressed the issue passionately:  The Federal Reserve are the curators and facilitators of all evils and had to be eliminated. The whole central bank issue is more than arguably unconstitutional and nearly all of our personal income taxes are going to pay the interest of this giant power mogul. The senator was not very clear on his reason for supporting the Reserve but ended up saying it was complicated; indeed, and guess what, the American people have figured it out, and are awake to this great evil and others are also waking, critical mass will soon arrive. 

This is what is bugging us about the Senator, how is it he does not know this? How is it that he is deceived when the truth is right in front of him and still does not believe? This is a man with all the inside information, the senior member of the intelligent and finance committees, how can he not know? This is what all the conservatives question, the answer must be, he is in on it, and that being the truth the Tea Parties are fervently working to remove him from office. I am not a Tea Party member but have some sympathy towards their cause, howbeit I would say not to jump too quickly. It is quite possible the Senator has been deceived, whom else would the mass manipulators focus their attention on distracting and hindering rather than this VIP. This is why I say let us try to get him the information.   I personally gave him a copy of “The Secrets of OZ” Here by Bob Still, it’s the short version of the “Money Masters” Here which if anyone watches will have the lights go on. If the Senator would get connected with Ron Paul and his son Rand there could be some resounding results, but we must get the Senator to awaken, and not throw the baby out with the wash water. 

Now, on the matter that really got things stirred up Friday night; Dennis Pace broached the issue of “False Flag Terror” and specifically 9/11 being an inside job. Senator Hatch did not seem angry, but was surprised at the question and simply said he did not believe it was an inside job. This is where I could not restrain myself and questioned him about WTC7, and how it fell in its footprints and no airplane had hit that building, and that 911 commissioners called the investigation essentially a farce. Here  Also I brought up Steve Jones a PhD Professor (retired) from BYU that had discovered Nano Thermite Here  in the dust of the buildings, which implicates explosives were used to bring the buildings down. I guess this exchange was all recorded by the radio station, KPCW, and was aired the next morning. I might note that Geraldo Rivera ran a favorable show this Saturday on Fox News on 9/11 leaving many questions unanswered by the official story.; HERE, and introduced a web site call “Building What ?” [Here] I quoted only Main Stream media sources and we had a lively dialog going until some people got nervous and wanted to not talk about it anymore. Senator Hatch, the gentlemen he is, did not leave me comfortless and said it was a subject of interest. Later after the event was over, I talked to the Senator some more, he said I did a good job and commended me. I think that if the Senator looked into the Federal Reserve and the 911 cover up he may be the inside man whom we are looking for. 

In conclusion our government is not the enemy, rather a group of “Banksters” have instituted a Coup d’état, wherein they seek to destroy our solvency and sovereignty. If we can wake up our Senators to these facts we may well be able to turn this around. So I am offering that Senator Orrin Hatch is not our enemy rather we should not give up on him just yet, but inundate him with the facts especially about the Federal Reserve and see if he will turn around, then we will know if he is for us or not, and the rest of you need to question the official 9/11 story.  We aren’t getting the entire story. Here  

Now with all of this having a high possibility of becoming mute points, being prepared is what our immediate focus should be, community involvement, knowing your sheriff and him knowing you,  having a garden, some food storage (most churches have programs for this), be able to defend yourself (the sheriff may not be able to be Johnny on the spot). Inflation is coming, bread may be as high as $25 a loaf soon; there are ways to fight inflation by buying now what you will need later (check expiration), your Federal Reserve notes (fiat currency) are losing value and probably will wipe out your savings and pensions, and taxes could cost you your assets, you need to adjust monetarily.  The house of cards is coming down by design.    

17 thoughts on “Senator Orrin Hatch is not the Enemy

  1. Brent, you oppose yourself, and really exposes just what freedom is up against. I almost thought you where kidding but I feel you actually believe what you’re saying. I am glad you are reading this forum; maybe a glimpse of light will penetrate your current thinking. Otherwise I have an idea why you are commenting.


    • Edgar, I’m not sure why you think I oppose myself. I’m pro America and find the thinking on this forum anti freedom and destructive to the future of America.

      I guess you folks have never been exposed to a different point of view in Utah? That is sad.


      • I’m sorry; I don’t feel you are clearly thinking, if you think this site is anti-freedom, maybe you define freedom different than us hicks from Utah. I sure Stalin, Moa, Hitler all felt the same as you do.
        Thank God we are a sovereign state and we will overcome the tyranny that is upon us.
        But really, if you are getting paid to put your comments on the site and least we are getting the enemies’ attention.


        • Ok, I’ll take the bate. It’s obvious.

          The ideas and positions promoted on this forum are Right Wing Extremisim. They are filled with misinformation slanted to one point of view that is dividing America. The Extreme Right are all for freedom that ‘they’ approve of, but loudly oppose the freedoms that they disagree with. And (in my opinion) anything (this forum) that divides America, weakens America.


          • Brent, you weren’t very specific at all, except to say that you disagree with the site in general. What is right wing extremism? Are you aware that right wing extremists actually want anarchy? I am not for anarchy, but limited federal government. Nothing could be more American than having an opinion and sharing it under our 1st Amendment. Have you ever read the Federalist Papers or the Anti-Federalist papers? That was American debate that divided the country. America was divided in it’s inception. 1/3 of the people were loyalists to the King, 1/3 were busy planting farms and didn’t care one way or the other how liberty turned out because they thought it didn’t affect them, and 1/3 were patriots to our great nation, but were called treasonists to the King. I’m sure glad there was a divide, and they didn’t all just roll over under the guise of “getting along” or we wouldn’t even have America as we know it.

            Also, Brent, how is calling on Americans to be honest, thrifty, responsible, chairtable and grateful divisive? How is asking for personal repsonsibility for those that should, and charity toward those that cannot divisive?

            With what “freedoms” do I disagree? I’m happy to answer your questions, but you must be specific in order to have an honest debate, otherwise it just comes across as finger pointing.


          • Also, if there is misinformation on this blog, I will be happy to correct it. But opinion should not be confused with facts. Facts back up a specific opinion. If our facts are wrong, please let us know.


  2. I didn’t think you would or could apologize to Bennett. But he was right in his support of TARP. And he was right in his modest support of Health Care Reform. The Tea Party people don’t seem to be able to admit their mistakes when history proves them wrong. I get the feeling they are high on the small amount of power they feel they have gained and (In my opinion) greed is their motivation.

    Where do you stand on giving extending Bush tax breaks to the wealthy? (or do I need to ask…)


    • Brent — How many “tea party” people do you really know? This site is a 9.12 site, but in Utah we often mistaken for or rolled into the tea party movement. I myself, have spoken at “tea party” rallys. How is greed a motivation? I have spent, as my counterparts have spent hundreds of dollars to get a message out. We recieve NOTHING financially in return. Greed for what? Power? I am one vote inside the Republican party as a delegate, nothing more. That doesn’t feel like a whole lot of power.

      My motivation is simple. Educate myself, and others, and create an environment for liberty to thrive. That can only happen when we have liberty-minded, self-motivated, self-reliant individuals in our society.

      As far as TARP goes, I’ve heard that argument that it worked. We have yet to see if that is the case. Of the money that has been repaid, it just has been re-printed again, or just shuffled to some other country. You are aware that over 9 TRILLION dollars have been paid by the Federal Reserve to foreign banks? That’s my children’s money, it’s not even mine. This kind of spending, and bailout is creating a monster out of something that had we NOT done these terrible bailouts would have re-set. It would not have been easy, but it would have been better to stand on principles then panic and do the wrong things. NO COMPANY deserves bailout of public money when they are a private corporation.

      Bush tax breaks …. I love how you phrased it for the wealthy. You probably don’t’ need to ask. It’s not a tax break. It’s called creating a tax hike, not extending a tax break. Here’s the thing. This money doesn’t BELONG to the government. It belongs to people. People create wealth. Government takes it. People create jobs, government creates bureaucracies, and dependents. People give to charity, government steals from us and creates a welfare state. Wealthy people put their money into the market. They build homes, and businesses, and everyone benefits, because it’s real. Government cannot do that. I would highly recommend you read Frederic Bastiat’s “What is Seen and What is Not Seen.” I do not believe in the redistribution of wealth so that ALL men are made equal as is being preached by the socialist / Marxist movement of today. This social justice as it is touted is an absolute lie under government. Social justice must be created by choice. It is created when people give to charity, when they help their fellow man, when they rise above their greed and help others out of their poverty. Welfare programs do nothing but make people comfortable in their poverty.

      I have never received a job from a poor man, but every job I’ve ever received has been from a wealthy man or woman. Let the wealthy keep their wealth. If there is anything wrong with our system it is that we do not make EVERYONE pay the same percentage. A flat tax would be great. Also, we need to eliminate the disparity in the rules. In other words there doesn’t get to one set of rules for the governed, and one for the governors. Not one set of rules for the wealthy, and one for the poor. The same rules should apply to everyone. That is how our founders wanted it. That is why justice is blind. We have to end the aristocracy that has been created in this country by the wealthy, or the powerful in government, and get back to a system of true meritocracy.


      • First, yes, I believe it is greed. Perhaps not for money directly, but influence, attention, power, bigotry, and eventually money is what motivates your movement, or movements. Teaparty, 9-12, teabagger, whatever you kids call it, it is pretty much the same in my eyes. You have bought the Fox News, Glenn Beck, propoganda crazy train hook line and sinker.

        I don’t know any tea party people. If I did, I doubt we’d have much to talk about. I find you illogical in your thinking, self involved, affraid of the world and working against your own best interest.

        Do you realize how may times you use ‘self’ in your statements? It’s all about you! To hell with the rest.

        You have the GOP, Fox News speak down to a fine art. There’s no converstaion with someone that isn’t thinking beyond what they have been brain washed with. How many hours a day do you watch the propaganda arm of the GOP anyway? Nothing better to do?

        The Bush/Obama tax deal, Reaganomics, Trickle Down economics, (whatever you want to call it) has only increased the debt, increased the gap between the rich and poor, and weakened the country as a whole. We will need to borrow this money from others to fatten the wallets of those that don’t need it.

        This country has been worked best when the tax policy is the most progressive. The rich do not need our help to keep more of their money. The facts show they are doing quite well thank you. They don’t need lower taxes to create jobs, they need a demand for the products and services their companies provide. Giving them a few extra bucks will not help the economy.

        Use that thing between your ears to think not just as a input/output device for Ruport Murdock. The flat tax scheme sounds great if you’re wealthy. It puts more of the burden on those with less. You people make me ill. It is greed. If not because you are wealthy, because you have this delusion that you may someday be wealthy or you have your nose up the (you know what) of someone that is wealthy.

        You talk about ending aristocracy. What do you think creates, provides and prolongs aristocracy. It’s old money passed down from generation to generation. But you want to eliminate what you call the death tax. It’s the death tax that is the first defense against aristocracy. Taxing unearned income is a very good and smart thing to do if you’re against aristocracy in america.

        You and your lack of logic escapes me. I have no idea how you justify this stuff in your own head. You sound intelligent, but then what you say is so full of hippocrcy, it’s laughable.

        Oh, and nearly forgot to mention, I saw the other day that the President of GWU found himself in the Grand County Jail for soliciting sex. Nice bunch you run with…


  3. Owe Bennett an apology? No. Senator Orrin Hatch is our Senator for the next two years. We don’t even know who will be running against him. We need to work with Hatch as much as possible during the next two years, and then we can take a look at his record again and make decisions.

    You should have attended the town hall he did here. We have three hours on tape. I’m sure will post some of it eventually.


  4. This forum cracks me up!

    Hatch is a much bigger greedy hypocrite than Bennett ever thought of being.
    You owe Bennett an apology. The TARP bailout has proven to be the right action by the government and at this point only cost $25b. Not the $700b you were so worried about and has at least for now got the country going again.
    I don’t supposed you’ll ever admit you were wrong to oppose Bennett. Did you listen to Hatch’s words about Bennett today?


  5. Trust me when I say that the only way to fight back is to demand that our elected officials must come to fear ‘us’ more than they do the banksters. At this point in time I rather doubt they do. We need to bombard Hatch, Lee, Matheson, Bishop and our state reps, including the governor with information to bring them to the knowledge of what is contained in this missive.

    As all of you know, I’ve been quite critical of Senators Hatch and Bennett and their votes on the bailout and then the switch back to vote against it for political advantage. Fortunately Bennett has been exposed for what he was, now we either bring Hatch to act for the people or we send him to his luxurious retirement.

    I commend Jacqueline for pushing the issue and spreading the word and praise the author of this letter, Scott Simon for laying it out so succinctly. We will do well to emulate their actions. We must take action or we shall regret it in the near future.



    • Truly it may have an affect on the Senator, he did contact Jacqueline yesterday.
      Sometimes when people are given secrets it hinders them from seeking the truth further in that they think they know more than anyone else already.


  6. On Black Friday, my facebook page read: “When the taste for physical gratifications among them has grown more rapidly than their education.. the time will come when men are carried away and lose all self-restraint …. It is not necessary to do violence to such a people in order to strip them of the rights they enjoy; they themselves willingly loosen their hold…they neglect their chief business which is to remain their own masters.” Alexis de Tocqueville

    This video reminded me of that quote.


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