Lunch with Orrin Hatch and the Glenn Beck Interview

Two weeks ago a group of 9.12 organizers, tea party organizers, and various campaign volunteers, most of which are also State and County delegates for the Republican Party met with Senator Orrin Hatch over lunch.  (The opinions expressed in this article are mine, and are not necessarily the opinions of the other people invited to the luncheon.)

They included:

  • Larry Jensen, a Salt Lake County 9.12 Organizer part of Utah Rising, and State Delegate
  • Brandon Beckham, from Slate It Up Films                              
  • Susan Benson, State Delegate
  • Rebekah Whyte, activist, and homeschool mom
  • Donald Cutshaw, State Delegate from
  • Steve Jones, a state delegate, member of Utah Rising and iCaucus, as well as volunteer trainer for Morgan Philpot’s campaign
  • Susan Southwick, State Delegate and Tea Party Organizer part of Utah Rising in Salt Lake County
  • Jacquie Nelson, State Delegate
  • Margaret Wilkin, County Delegate, and 9.12 member
  • Marc Pelissie
  • Myranda Holgerson, Leg. Chair, Precinct Chair, UHEA Legislative Liason, homeschool mom.
  • Jacqueline Smith, State Delegate and Founder of The STAR Forum, the Summit County 9.12 group, part of Utah Rising, and homeschool mom


There were others there as well, and I apologize if you were not included in the list.

This lunch was organized by Hatch as a way to reach out to the 9.12 groups and tea party movement.  After the unseating of Senator Bennett, I think that Hatch is smart to reach out.  He bought us lunch, and that was very nice.  He didn’t have a chance to eat much because we were pretty excited about hearing his answers and had a lot of questions.

We had three main questions.  Larry Jensen presented the first question regarding our caucus system.  We asked him,


Each of us here today spent hours, days and weeks of study and civic involvement to become elected representatives of our neighborhoods in Utah’s Republican caucus/convention system.  We are here again today representing our neighbors who elected us.  Senator Hatch, do you favor this traditional form of representative system of choosing candidates for the Republican party or do you favor a direct primary?”

Hatch responded that it has served him well so far, and the reason we have it is so that a relative unknown without a lot of money can actually win the seat for the party.  He said that is the system we have and that he is willing to live with it.

 The next question was asked by me,

 “I applaud your thoughtful and well-reasoned opposition opinion to general Elena Kagan’s nomination for the Supreme Court.  It represents the near unanimous conclusion of everyone I have discussed this with during the last two weeks. Beyond the reasons you cited, there is significant evidence that Ms. Kagan has a history of association with people tied to three interrelated organizations, the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee/Democratic Socialists of America and the far left Washington DC “think tank” Institute for Policy Studies.  We cannot allow a person with her documented background of associations to serve on the court.  What actions do you plan to take to prevent Kagan’s confirmation?”

Hatch feels that a filibuster is unconstitutional and shouldn’t be used.  He has come out publicly with his reasons for opposing Kagan.  He doesn’t want filibuster used by Republicans or Democrats. 

This answer troubled me, because even though I know he is a seasoned politician and well entrenched in the ways of Washington, I believe he is mistaken about the gravity of the current situation we face.  We are facing a near coup d’état of the Democrat Party by the Communists and Socialists in this country.  Has he been there so long and the transition been so slow, that he is unaware of the changes?  Not that he needs to be disagreeable or combative, but is Hatch really willing to call it as it is, instead of hiding behind friendships of the highest aristocracy created in our American system?

While I don’t think filibuster is necessarily the answer, what else can be done?  Can he get his face and voice out on the radio waves and television enough to send a strong message to the conservatives in other states so they are contacting their liberal Senators and swaying the vote?  Is he willing to bring enough attention to the matter?  Would he sacrifice his position and make some serious enemies to help our country block poor nominees, and put in Supreme Court Justices that will uphold the highest and first law of the U.S., the Constitution?

The third question was asked by Marc Pelissie about auditing the Fed.

“What has to happen for you to champion a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve?”  and as a follow-up “What can we do to ensure that happens?” or “What can we do to support you in making the audit happen?”  

 This answer came as a surprise, and a disappointment.  Hatch told us the Federal Reserve does get audited.  I realize it has some type of audit to be in business, because it is a private business remember, but it has not been audited in a way that gives the American people a good look at who is pulling the strings of this country.  Hatch also responded by saying in his 34 years in the Senate they have never had a fiscal majority.  I was 11 years old when Hatch went into office.  Through the Reagan years, through the majority in the Senate when Clinton was in office we’ve never had a fiscal majority?  Since Hatch has been in office the Republicans have held the Senate Majority over the 97, 98, 99, 104, 105, 106, 108, and 109th sessions of Congress.  He told us to get fiscal conservatives into the Senate with him.  He spoke of his seniority there on different committees and how we need to send “him” back to Washington.

So… is Hatch a fiscal conservative?  Well, he voted for Bush’s tarp, and I haven’t forgotten that.  Is it fiscally conservative to side with a President that says he is “abandoning free-market principles in order to save the free-market?”  The day AIG received it’s bailout, I told my husband we may have just witnessed “Black Wednesday,” instead of Black Tuesday, for our generation.

He also made a really big deal out of the BCS when the health care debate should have been the sole priority. 

Hatch asked us to make sure in November we elected more fiscal conservatives to the Senate.  I have a strong feeling that November will bring a great number of new conservatives in every respect to the Senate.  As sung by Krista Branch in her video “I Am America:”

             “You stuff your pockets while Rome is burning, 

              I’ve got a feeling that the tide is turning.”

 This could go two ways for Hatch that are completely positive.  One, he has two years to prove he’s really fighting for the very threads that bind our country together.  He will need to lead out in ways he never has in the past.  We will be watching him, and we will back him, if he puts himself out there and puts his own personal “career” aside, and has instead public virtue.  Two, he steps down without a fight in two years, and gets behind a freshman and mentors him, as our founders did not want career politicians.  The aristocracy of the Republicans and Democrats must come to an end.  A great book to read on aristocracy is “The Coming Aristocracy” by Oliver DeMille. 

Some of the things we heard him say were also heard on the Glenn Beck program last Thursday.  Here are the clips for you to hear.  Much of the same speech was given to us at the luncheon.   

Hatch invited three of my 9.12 friends to the fundraising event on Friday before Glenn Beck’s Salt Lake City show to have dinner with Glenn.  At $2,500 a plate, that is quite a gift.  Becky Pirente, Darcy VanOrden, and Brian Halladay all attended this very exclusive event.  All three are 9.12 organizers or activists in the more populated areas of Utah.  It was generous, and for a good cause.  Again, he is reaching out hard to the people who are currently now the Republican Party of Utah with the most say.

 It’s the delegates that will be in charge, and Hatch will work much harder than Bennett to ensure he has his delegates in place in 2012.  Based on the cycles of history we will probably be in even more serious political upheaval by then, but time will tell.  In the end the people will decide, and Hatch’s seniority isn’t going to be the thing on which their decision hangs.  Those tactics will not work in this political environment. 


Jason Chaffetz is a great example of what attention a freshman can create, and the waves that can be made when you stand for what you believe.  Is he getting anything done?  We don’t care, because we would actually like to see a Washington where nothing gets done and we, the people, are left alone.  Chaffetz is a watchdog, and workhorse for our rights, and he’s not afraid of digging up the dirt.

 Jason received a great amount of applause at the Glenn Beck American Revival in Salt Lake City compared to Hatch.  Hatch should read the writing on the wall, and do the right thing, instead of the thing that keeps him in power.  Chaffetz is well-known, and well-liked by the liberty-loving crowd in Utah.  Rumor is that in 2012, Chaffetz may well be the one to challenge the, by then, 36-year incumbent.  Until then, we can only hope that Hatch pushes hard for the truth, the law, and the correct principles that Save The American Republic.

11 thoughts on “Lunch with Orrin Hatch and the Glenn Beck Interview

  1. While I don’t know this for certain, I believe the senator Glenn Beck mentioned on his show yesterday was Orrin Hatch. Because a few weeks ago, Glenn was in Utah doing his American Revival and there was a very expensive dinner that Orrin put on to help raise money for the 8.28 event. This senator was talked to about the “Cloward and Piven” strategy by the group in the list above at their lunch.


  2. Star Forum, Thanks for the reply. I disagree with most of what you say. And I find it a bit cowardly to hide behind an fairly anonymous moniker. You say we are only a bottom up society. I believe you fill that way because you are only interested in your narrow view of the world and what it close to you personally. Some things require a big picture view. You can’t always fix big things with small acts. I would like to think we are a civilized society that can work together from a world, national and local perspective. You seem to have written off everything but what’s local to you. In this way, I believe you are acting selfishly and not giving the country the support and the chance it needs to succeed.
    If you must know I usually vote as a Democrat. As far as I can see they are currently the party that is at least attempting to fix our problems.
    I find your concerns about government spending to be prof of your self concern. Not a concern for the country. The economy needs the stimulus the Democrats are trying to provide. If your a fan of history as you say, look at what got us into the depression of the 30s and what got us out.


    • Anonymous moniker? This site is not anonymous at all. I am the founder of The STAR Forum. You can look up quite a bit about me by visiting the authors section of the website. (I’m Jacqueline Smith) Nothing anonymous at all.

      I do know history well. And the Great Depression is a direct result of government interference. You are reading a revisionist history. The progressive movement and “new deal” did not do what was anticipated. You should read about the depression that was expected and because of tax breaks never occurred. Even though the government took less %, they had more revenue because the people were freer to produce.

      When a world view is different, it is easy to say I am narrow minded. But the same things could be said about your narrow world view that only the “experts” in Washington can fix our problems. Having studied the great minds of the past, and looking into history, it is a serious shame we do not learn from it. But as human beings we will continue to go the cycles, no matter what technology surrounds us. I recommend reading the different articles here about The Fourth Turning. (just type that into the search button. or click here l/) This isn’t a Democrat / Republican argument, but rather a human nature argument.

      I support this country 100% when based on sound principles. I support Democrats, Independents, and Republicans that play by the rules set up under our founders. I believe we have some amazing things ahead of us. You are correct Brent, it appears Democrats are the only ones wanting to fix things, and I was disgusted by many of the policies and things done under Bush. They took our freedom from us. All the Democrats screamed at the Patriot Act, and how unconstitutional it was. I was also screaming about it. Now under Obama, the Patriot Act is a permanent part of our law. Why are no Dems screaming now?

      It doesn’t matter who is in charge if both sides take away our Republic. I honestly ask you study The Fourth Turning. That will give you a sense of what I really believe is ahead for us as Americans. It’s not the time to panic, but rather prepare ourselves, prepare our neighbors, and reach out to those in need.

      Another recommendation is 14 Points to Success in a Fourth Turning. ( th-turning/ )

      I hope as a Democrat, who loves our country, we can work together to make this county, this state, and this nation a place of peace and prosperity through individual actions instead of collective force through the government. I’m sorry you see that as selfish, but I see that as the only way to really improve mankind.


      • Thank you for identifying yourself. I had no idea who in the ‘forum’ was replying.
        I’m not sure who’s history is revisionist. Many economists say that the reason our economy isn’t coming back stronger is due to the governments reluctance to spend more to fix it. And yes I do respect and trust experts in the field of economics to know more than you or I about their particular subject they’re expert in. I’m willing to bet that the experts have spent more time studying and learning about their particular subject than you or I. Are you of the opinion we should just throw science out the window?
        I’m sure it was massive government spending that finally pulled us out of the depression. I believe we need a massive government initiative to wean us off imported oil, put us back to work, fix the economy, and save the environment. I just wish people like you and this ‘forum’ would work with and not against the future of this country.

        In an earlier reply, you stated “They aren’t passing laws that are helping anyone.” You are wrong. For example the new health care laws will have a big positive impact for me and my family. Eliminating the insurance industries stand on pre-existing conditions is huge. It will give my granddaughter a fighting chance. I’m sure you were totally against any government health care improvements. According to you, folks with problems should put a mason jar on the counter at the store and beg for spare change to help. I’d like to think this country is better than that.

        I’m not attacking you personally. I’m attacking your mind set and that of this forum. I find it divisive and less than helpful.

        I find it interesting that this forum started in April 09. Where were you during the Bush years that took us from a balanced budget to record deficits?


        • Brent — You may not think you are attacking me, but you make a lot of assumptions about me, none the less. This forum began as a 9.12 project. But, I have been teaching the cycles of history for over 10 years, so this wasn’t my first time calling people to action. I was upset about the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, etc. I was just as upset about the Bush spending, but much more upset about the Obama spending. Obama’s spending makes Bush’s spending seem like nothing, now. In fact, the day that AIG (during the Bush years) was bailed out, I told my husband, that was our black Wednesday. I knew it was the beginning of crippling our economy. History has proven that you cannot artificially hold up industry that is failing. It collapses the system if you do it often enough, over time. Just take a look at the Roman Republic.

          I was against government health care. I believe that insurance is too high. As an employer, I pay for my insurance personally, and I pay for the entire insurance coverage for our employees and their families. It is over $1,000 per month per family. That’s quite a sum. It wasn’t the idea that government was involved in the process that bothered me, but the idea that it would be taken over by government completely, and that is the goal. Soon our private industry will be gone. I would have been happier to see reform in the way that included tort reform, including opening the state boundaries for more competition.

          This forum is not meant to be divisive but to open a dialogue and to create a better understanding of how our government was intended to function. You and I have never lived under the system our founders envisioned, because as soon as the civil war was over, we created nationalism instead of federalism. There is a huge difference, and it took the governing away from the local states. I’m grateful that slavery ended, but the states having the ability to handle local things ended as well. Since then we have continued to create massive government entities designed to help Americans but mostly end up wasting tax-payer dollars.

          This forum is designed to educate in the Principles of Liberty, to help people understand it is the people that make this country great, not Washington, and it doesn’t matter if they are Republicans or Democrats. Both parties have been working against the people by creating an aristocracy, which is what our founders wanted to end. We have lifetime politicians that are entrenched in a system of corruption. I know the American people, people like you and I, are innovative, creative, resilient. We create jobs, not the government. The government creates nothing. I don’t mind them incentivizing people to do “green” activities, like solar, wind, geo-thermal, nuclear energy, but they don’t create a revenue stream, they spend our money.

          I have studied economy. Keynesian economy doesn’t work long term. We need to go back to Austrian economics. Study that and you may see a different picture.

          Thanks for your comments. Opposing views are welcomed, as long as they are not attacking. BTW, I don’t want anyone begging on the side of the street.


          • You’re right I don’t know you. I only know what I’ve read here and I find it irritating at best.

            You talk a good line, but I still find it self centered and only self interested.

            Your basis of the economy being like the seasons is self fulfilling failure. Are you so into this that you think it can’t be changed?

            Beck is an idiot. I lose respect for anyone caught up in his BS. You do not defend him, yet you promote him.

            Give me a break. I’m not interested in any further correspondence. I’m not going to change you and I don’t want to be like you. Enough said.


          • Then you are one of those people that believes history teaches us nothing, and so are doomed to repeat it. The cycles of history haven’t missed for 300 generations. I doubt we will be the first to make it different. We will go through it, but that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless, in fact, it means it’s very hopeful. We have the ability, during the winter, to decide how to fix things for our children and grand-children. I don’t see how thinking generationally is selfish, but to each his own. But thankfully in this great country, you are entitled to your opinion.


  3. I don’t find your way of thinking to be rationale.
    The article above indicates your happy with Chaffetz and would be happier if he did nothing at all because you don’t want anything done in Washington.
    I just don’t understand. We are paying these guys and we need Washington to provide structure to our country and to fix the problems we have.
    It sounds like you’re only interested in yourself and to hell with everything and everyone else. And you don’t seem to understand that the structure that Washington provides is why you have the life and liberty you enjoy. Without some structure or government we will all be living in a very chaotic world.
    You seem to be very afraid of Washington, but it’s people that think and believe as you that make me worry about the future of this country.
    It sounds to me as if you want this country to fail and are doing what you can to make that happen.

    Beck is a rodeo clown. He said so himself. I can not take him seriously. He is a phony.

    Sure if you don’t like what Washington is doing, vote for new guys. But to actually vote for and promote a government that does nothing is beyond stupid.

    We have problems and we need someone to lead us out of them. From what I see, the Republicans only have one idea and that is to oppose everything anyone else tries. And the tea party people just seem to be Republicans that have gone off the deep end.


    • Brent — I appreciate your post. Differing views are important, as long as they are not divisive. First, you have chosen to believe that because I gave an opinion, you have a right to attack me personally.

      I would prefer a government that passed fewer laws, which are so intrusive into our everyday lives. They aren’t passing laws that are helping anyone. They spend recklessly and tax like we, the people, will never run out of money. In addition, if they cannot tax it out of us, they just print more and borrow from other nations. I am not an anarchist. I believe in structure inside of our society. However, the government’s proper role has been turned on its head. It isn’t a charity, it isn’t a safety net, it is there to protect our rights … period. It has overstepped its bounds so often, and now there are many that are tired of that. Therefore, you are right, and we agree, that chaos would ensue if we had to government to provide a structure of society and protect our rights that we were given by God.

      I am not a selfish person, and I believe in charity. Nevertheless, I know that the proper role of government is not to provide charity. That is the role of community, family, churches, and the private sector. We are a charitable people. The people in America that live below the poverty line are still some of the wealthiest people in this world.

      Your comments about Beck, I am not going to address. He is a source for media and entertainment. Either you like him or you don’t.

      I don’t know where in this post you would get that I want our country to fail. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I love this great nation, and I believe that the source of our greatness comes from our people. It doesn’t come now and it never has come from Washington. The problems that we have can be fixed closer to home, not in DC. Clear back to Chinese Classic, you will learn that in order for a nation to be tranquil and happy, we start at the base and work up. We must be well-regulated individuals, families, communities, cities, states, and then a nation. We are not a top down society.

      I don’t know if you are a Republican, Democrat, or independent, but the reason the Republicans are opposing so much is because it is over-reaching the proper role of government. Our problems are best resolved closest to the problem. The states and counties could do more with the funds that are filtered through government bureaucracy, than the federal government will ever do.

      Brent, it’s time we come together and study human nature and classic literature again, so we can understand how to rightly order ourselves, and then Summit County, and then Utah, and then our Nation.


  4. I think the anti-incumbent sentiment is too strong for Hatch to win in 2012, and the anti-career politician sentiment is too strong for Hatch to win in 2012, and I believe he will not run again. This will leave chaffetz to run against Jim Matheson, who plans on running for the senate (after he loses in November to Morgan Philpot).

    Hatch has done a lot of good in the senate, but he is not going to change, and he is not going to risk his “reputation” by becoming a true conservative and making waves in the senate. Hatch is going to be Hatch.

    Many delegates at the GOP convention said, as I did, if Hatch were up for reelection this year, he also would have not made it out of convention.


    • I don’t want there to be anti-incumbent sentiment, but anti-bad representatives sentiment. There are good people fighting the fight, but those that have been entrenched in the system are less likely to see the real fight that is in front of them.


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