Canadian turned U.S. Citizen Gives Words to Her Fellow-Americans

by: Karen Mecham 

When I first came to the States from Canada, I realized Americans had a strength I wanted to cultivate. Then I realized it was so ingrained in each person that few even knew they had it. I think, today, it’s the best kept secret in the nation. So for your information, here it is:

You can only push Americans so far, then they push back HARD!!!!
If you don’t believe me, here are some instances that will convince you.
Remember the Alamo?
Remember Pearl Harbor?
Remember 9-11?
So I say to all who will hear: 

Remember who you are!  It’s time to fight for the right.  Demand honesty and integrity from our leaders — no matter which party they represent.  Demand fairness and integrity from Corporate America.
It’s time to haul out our pioneer values, dust them off, practice them ourselves, and expect them from everyone else.
If you want more regulation — start regulating yourself first!
If you don’t buy higher interest rates — they’ll come down.
If you demand fairer gas prices and speak up at the pump to the distributors — prices will come down.
Stop being the silent majority — Act and speak. You have the power. When you speak with your purchasing dollars and your vote, they will listen.
Get out of debt! And stay out!
As they said in the Great Depression:
Use it up
Wear it out
Make it do
Or do without
It’s time to push back —–Hard.


Karen E. Mecham, BA, MPA

Company: Karen E. Mecham & Associates

Web site:

Expert Areas: Goal Setting, Financial Literacy, Mentoring at-risk employees, Marketing your Customer, Motivation, and Self-reliance.

Description: Karen specializes in how to “take the rules and fly with them.” Her keynote addresses, “Take Charge” and “The Sky is Not the Limit” motivate attendees to focus their dreams into goals and maximize their efforts by accomplishing small steps daily. Her ability to connect with and relate to her audience is her key to teaching the skills needed to become successful.


Karen began her business career as a single mom with half a college degree, five children, and no way to make a living. After completing two degrees, she co-founded a community based mentoring program. Under her seven years of leadership as executive director, the mentoring program spread across Utah and into Arizona.

She received several awards for her innovative approach to empowering single mothers and others to bring their families out of poverty and move ahead to permanent financial stability. These awards include the Governors Commission for Women and Families Woman of Achievement Award, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce Pathfinder Award, the Salt Lake Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Rising Star Award.

Today, Karen is the managing member of Karen E. Mecham & Associates. She works with businesses to reduce tardiness and absenteeism by teaching self-reliance skills to employees. She also teaches management-level staff how to use mentoring techniques to develop team building skills. Additionally, Karen custom designs self-reliance programs for nonprofit agencies.

3 thoughts on “Canadian turned U.S. Citizen Gives Words to Her Fellow-Americans

  1. I just went to a campaign meeting last night for a great American who really can help America get back on track. However he really needs our help. I love Karen’s story, and I really love the part about doing something to effectuate change. Change is going to come from the bottom up, because the trickle down treatment our leaders have been giving us for the last 100 years isn’t working very well. If you would like to find out about a real Constitutionalist, go to, or you can go to
    Folks he is a great man, and he really lives, breathes, and I am sure that he will die the Constitution, America and love of family and his fellow Americans. Our Country needs major help, and Scott Bradley can bring her the help she needs. Scott Bradley needs your help. Please get involved, if not for yourself, do it for your kids, Grandkids etc.


  2. I grew up on the Canadian border and I the thing I found the most endearing about Canadians is how modest they are. Every Canadian I’ve gone skiing with says something like “yeah I can get down the mountain” and you take them up to the top of Jup and they just tear it up! Canadians are awesome! I don’t like gravy and cheese on my fries, though- Karen I recommend you try Some Dude’s Fry Sauce on your fries and I’m sure you’ll find them most excellent. Party On StarPeople and live long and prosper!


  3. Thanks Karen, good stuff. We’re pushing back with ousting an Incumbent accountable for his voting record, Bob Bennett. Join us in electing a Senator for individual Liberty, Tim Bridgewater, a Utahn and genuine man with Integrity.


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