The Four Lost American Ideals

Rachelle DeMille recently asked that I endorse the CD  The Four Lost American Ideals by Oliver DeMille.  I attended this lecture in person and recently revisited it.  Wow.  I had forgotten what a valuable message this is.  This is a timely message as well.  I cannot recommend enough that this is a must have for your audio library.  Here is my endorsement and a link to their website where you can either purchase the CD or download an MP3 version.  Every member of the STAR Forum, and every American needs to reconnect with these ideals:

clevejacq2009 125x151 custom EndorsementsThis fantastic and inspiring lecture on America helps put our Americanism in perspective, and brings boiling to the surface the feelings of real American thought. Oliver DeMille has a way of helping you reach deep within and pull the desires of liberty to the forefront in a way that moves you to action. After first being introduced to the thinking of Oliver DeMille, my husband and I set out to become independents, rather than dependents, sought learning and education to become liber, have recognized the need for public virtue, and thank the hand of God consistently for helping us find our own personal mission in this life. I recommend this lecture to everyone, especially youth.”Jacqueline Smith

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