Awaken, O America!

This 10 minute video is important to watch.  Senator Jim DeMint is asking a very important question.  I’m sure most of the American people are not aware that the recent bill that just passed has language that will stop all future Senators from amending or repealing this Health Care Plan.   Please watch the whole thing.   We are at the brink of tyranny.

Also, I wanted to share this video.   As someone who marched on 9.12 in Washington, D.C. this song and the pictures are moving.  Even though we are at a time of trouble, America truly is calling to you.  Stand up, be proud of our country, help our fellow countrymen through our own deeds, not those of the government, and be a light to your neighbors and friends.  O, America is calling.

4 thoughts on “Awaken, O America!

  1. With regard to this video I believe it illustrates the problem with Washington. We have Democrats pointing fingers at Republicans and visa versa. Is there some cause for concern here? Of course. Do we need to address this? Of Course. But how do we do this as the minority voice? We who hope to truly change Washington need to appeal to the other side, to enlist them in common purpose. What common purpose could we possibly have with those who desire Government run health care? We both have developed an intense distrust of the other side. Can we possibly make this work to advantage of America? I believe we can. It’s time to change our approach. First we have to understand that Obama is not President for life, easy enough to agree on. What will happen at some point is the Republicans will take power, and as such will seek to put their signature on this Health Care situation, thereby turning the program the Democrats championed into something they do not recognize or support. We have seen this over and over again. If the particular program is of Republican making the Democrats will at some point get to put there stamp on it, making it something no longer acceptable to Republicans. I can promise you once the G.O.P. gets a hold of this program it will change and probably in a very significant way. We can then use the distrust each party has in the other to advantage. How about we just stop developing programs the other side can get their hands on. In other words it’s time to stop federalizing any and all things concerning the people of America. Are the Democrats correct in thinking the Republicans are the problem? Yes. Are the Republicans correct in thinking the Democrats are the problem? Yes. So as we address those on the other side, let’s bring all parties involved to an understanding that we don’t want to develop programs the other side can get their hands on and change. If we can begin here perhaps we begin to reel in the huge government machine.


    • Jeff — It may surprise you as the founder of The STAR Forum that I agree with you. COMPLETELY. There is a government aristocracy created by Democrats and a wealth aristocracy created by Republicans. They are both wrong. The key is to find common ground, and to root ourselves in the principles of a free society. I hope you can take some time to read a few of the earlier articles on this site. Educating each other in principles of freedom as found in The 5,000 Year Leap are essential. We as Americans like ideas that sound good, even if they are not based in real freedom. We cannot keep trading back and forth between tow parties that both are grabbing at power. The founders never really intended for this much legislation to get passed. And they believed more things would be looked at on a Constitutional basis. The more we understand freedom, the more we can correct the problem. You and I, Jeff, have never really lived in a society that is free the way our founders intended it, and yet it is still far better than most other countries can imagine. I also invite you to read about some cycles. Here is the Tytler Cycle, and here is the Fourth Turning. Continue with other links and study the things about our country that do work. Obama is not the problem. We’ve been sliding down a very slippery slope for over 100 years. But we are at a time in history when we can align ourselves to correct it. If you think you can lead on principles I invite you to stand with me, and start a group in your neighborhood. Teach and be taught by our friends and neighbors what freedom really looks like and make changes in your community, then move on to the state level, and then on to the national level. Make our states stronger, and the federal government does not gain so much control.


  2. Video number 1 left me in a state in which I was deeply hurt. I found I was having to hold back anger at the ANTI-AMERICAN clauses in the healthcare bill and having a sense of foreboding.

    The second video refreshed my vision of America, the land I have traveled across so often in my lifetime and love so much. The people of America’s heartland together with the marchers for freedom left me fighting back tears.

    If we let our hearts falter in our struggle we will fail. God Bless America.


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