Treaty to End U. S. Sovereignty?

 Here is a link to a copy of the treaty.  And here is a link to the entire speech at Bethel University.

Also, please read this PDF, and you’ll get the picture of where our current world is headed.  We must remain the beacon of REAL HOPE!   FREEDOM CAN WIN!!

3 thoughts on “Treaty to End U. S. Sovereignty?

  1. So I’ve been reading this treaty and one thing that stands out to me is that they will revoke existing patents if they are for relevant technologies that will have environmental impact. This would definitely be a usurpation in and of itself (bottom of page 158)
    It seems that they are setting up a new UN of sorts, but with the purpose of reallocating wealth and technologies from developed countries to underdeveloped countries out of some sort of social justice idea. It doesn’t seem to be an overt take-over of government systems, but it’s idea of social justice and reallocation based on a sort of environmental guilt complex is very suspicious to me.

    Click to access un-fccc-copenhagen-2009.pdf


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