Glenn Beck reviews the Tytler Cycle of Democracy

This is a great clip from the Glenn Beck show on the Tytler Cycle of Democracy.  This also correlates to The Fourth Turning.  Click on the GREEN words to read more about these two cycles, posted earlier on this website.  Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Glenn Beck reviews the Tytler Cycle of Democracy

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  3. Mr. Peterson’s comment above, after close inspection, finds more truth than error. The quote that he questions, he dismisses completely based on a lack of finding the exact author. In his line of reason, this concept is completely false based on uncertain authorship.

    For those of you who have read The 5000 Year Leap, you’ll note that Ben Franklin has a very similar quote on pg 67 in which he talks about how politicians will continue to increase their salary again and again over time. Then they will increase taxes to “provide services to help the
    people.” When the people rebel against exhorbant taxes, they will use the money to suppress, and eventually oppress the people. This leads to a form of tyranny.

    My point in wrtitng is that regardless of who authored the quote in question, it remains true based on observations and writings which echo it’s sentiments.

    Mr. Peterson would benefit from reading The Fourth Turning & The 5000 Year Leap. The concept is true. Just look around. Think for yourself & educate yourself with the best books.

    Thanks for the Star Forum. I appreciate the work you do. Keep at it.


  4. The Tytler Cycle was first brought to my attention 48 years ago by my 5th grade grammar school teacher, Robert Ammerman, a truly good man.


  5. All well and good–until you consider that none of the data is true. There is a load of data. Consider:

    I very much agree with the eight points; but I have to admit that it’s far easier to craft pertinent and relevant points after the fact than it is to create them prior to events.

    The problem with posting these sorts of myths is that it completely ruins one’s credibility when the truth comes out. Why people such as yourself post things without vetting them is beyond me.

    But don’t feel too bad. Beck fell for it, too. With his staff usually doing some serious vetting, I’m really surprised it wasn’t found. After all, I found references that called it into dispute with a simple Google search and about two minutes.

    Sadly, I’ve yet to see Mr. Beck step back from this contention, which makes me wonder if he, too, conveniently overlooks data that does not support his position.


    • I appreciate opposing views, but you obviously are misunderstanding the post. The Tytler Cycle of Democracy has been credited to Alexander Tytler, but we may never know who actually said it, because much of his work was destroyed in a fire. I posted a great article on that cycle, that may be of interest to you, by clicking the above link. Also, this cycle is studied in Universities (one of which I have attended), and is well known. The point is when we discuss issues we stay on the negative side of the cycle, when we discuss principles we move to the positive side of the cycle, and the issues take care of themselves. We will always disagree on some issues, but if we are living a truly principled life, and expecting that in our communities, states, governments, and of our elected officials our system of government works.

      Our post does not say anything about the Antheian Republic, so the snopes article is of no consequence to me. Snopes is also a liberal slanting organization that has an agenda.

      This cycle is also very well known my religious community, and is refered to as the Pride Cycle, because this cycle has been in their history, and their civilization did fall; however, no one is saying the republic will fail. We are not a democracy but a republic, so that is on our side. Even if we do slip into bondage, Americans will not tolerate it for long, and we will rise to the occasion, and again claim our freedom and liberty.

      Take a look at the Fourth Turning. This cycle has been proven for over 300 generations, or 3,000 years. If we suddenly believe we are the generation that will best the cycle, that’s great, but highly improbable.

      Remember, just because you Google something, doesn’t make it true. I have studied this cycle long before Glenn Beck ever made it popular.


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