The Boston Freedom Trail


By Jacqueline Smith



 The beauty of the Northeast is breathtaking.  The lush green forests that hide the buildings, homes, and even the freeways are amazing.  Only when you are right in a city do you feel the city at all.  Part of our adventure for the march on Washington, DC, was to come to historic Boston, Massachusetts.    


 A good friend of mine, Andrew Mismash, and member of  The S.T.A.R. Forum, served an LDS mission in Boston and suggested the Freedom Trail.  Since we are in an RV, Parking was a bit of an adventure, and we ended up parking by the wharf.  Our freedom trail began in the middle.  While we didn’t make it down the entire trail, we saw many wonderful and important sites in Boston.  There is so much history.  I wondered at the liberal views that seem to emanate from this state, when there is so much Constitutional history right at your fingertips.  There are many Universities in this state, and according to David Nobel’s Understanding the Times, the liberal professors apparently are having quite an influence.  Nevertheless, I digress. 

With five children in tow, the 7-hour walk (with a wonderful stop for seafood) was quite exhausting.  What a day.  My feet are aching, and my heart is full.  I am so grateful to the men and women of courage who took a stand in Boston, for this is truly where it all started.  According to the Fourth Turning, by Strauss & Howe, a catalyst must set off the crisis at the end of the 3rd turning..  The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party were the catalyst of that period.  Then the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Revolutionary War began. 

9/11 marks the day in our time when it is believed we had our catalyst.  About 7 – 10 year following a catalyst, an alignment takes place.  The alignment in their day, was the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Is the march on DC the alignment of our time?  Only time will tell.

 We went to Paul Revere’s home. 100_0204

It is the oldest building in Boston at over 300 years, because it was already 90 years old when he bought it.  My daughter, Silvére, mentioned that the bed in his upstairs room looked the room of Felicity from her American Girls Series.  This is where she first learned of the Boston Tea Party. 

This brings us to the point of this trip.  The Tea Party Movement and the 9.12 Projects  When we mentioned back in April that we were having a Tea Party, she asked me if was like the Boston Tea Party.  I was grateful she had connected history to today so well.  While the original Tea Party movement in this country was about the upcoming taxes we know will be levied to pay for the outrageous spending and unreasonable programs being set forth by the current administration, and past bailouts and spending of the Bush administration, it has morphed into a rally for liberty.  Constitutional principles are at the forefront.  We want to tell our government “Don’t Tread On Me.”


This flag here, is still hanging in the Old North Church in Boston.  Out in front of the church in the courtyard, is the statue of Paul Revere making his famous ride.


  We saw the grave marker of John Hancock, signer of the Declaration.







 We saw Samuel Adams gravestone, and the markers of those who died in the Boston Massacre.




The gravestones of the early colonists and Americans are interesting, and macabre. 



 And of course we saw the oldest pub in the state, dedicated to “patriot brewer” Samuel Adams. 


 Bunker Hill Memorial can be seen from across the harbor. 


What a beautiful place is Boston, and so full of the memories of our patriot founders and those who courageously helped them.  

The founders wanted to put an end to aristocracy.  They wanted no more Lords and Ladies, Kings and Queens, simply, no more titles.  The future day of 300,000 million people without title is here…or is it?  The titles have changed, but an aristocracy has arisen in these United States.  Now we call them Senator, Congressman, Representative, Czar (oh, I mean Special Advisor to the President), CEO, CFO, Professor, and PhD (and I do not mean the medical kind.)

 The business suits, and tweed jackets are gods no more in the minds of the people.  We are ready to end this new aristocracy.  I am not against capitalism by any stretch, but I am against corruption whether it is in business or government.    No special rules for the wealthy, no special rules for the government.  The laws that are created must be laws they are bound to.  Laws on taxes, laws on health care, laws on retirement must apply to our government officials as well as those they serve.  Did you hear that?  They serve us, the people.  We the people of these United States will hold our politicians to a higher standard, and they will not be re-elected unless they are truly statesman, and understand the meaning of public virtue. We will end the taxes that take from the wealthy, and give to the poor.  Our government does not get to play Robin Hood.  Our growth as individuals depends our opportunity to choose to give to the poor rather than be robbed by taxation, otherwise we are merely slaves under an oppressive self-righteous government.

This is the greatest country in the world.  We have a wonderful system of government.  But, it must be filled by men and women of virtue, with an educated, and informed public standing behind them. 




4 thoughts on “The Boston Freedom Trail

  1. Oh, my goodness!! Jaqueline, This is a beautiful post and the pictures are stunning! I so agree with you about the liberal professors in academia. This type of left sided, liberal driven thinking completely encompasses the vast majority of universities. Unfortunately, now it seems to have crept down through the education system distorting the views of even our youngest students.

    Phillip, you are so right. The whole system of government has taken on this rediculous idea of trampling
    the constitution in order to fulfill self-interest, personal agendas, and pad their pockets at the expense of we the tax payers. This appears to be what life long politicians are trained to do. Since when do we need people representing us that have no idea how we live. They carry on these “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” behaviors and expect us to jump at the chance at more taxation to support them.

    These are issues that are not going to go away in 2010. Pandora’s Box has been opened and it is going to take something out of the box to get it closed again. Our out of the box answer to this is This is a website devoted to taxing all political campaign funds and in-kind contributions. Sounds crazy? Maybe not. Just check it out and give it a minute to let it soak in. Sign the petition and lets do more than ” hurl words”.

    Love all you and the STAR Forum does and stands for!

    Sandy Moss
    Sandy Moss


  2. Jacqueline Smith: I enjoyed your photos and comments on Boston, the 9/12ers and our need for better representatives. I have a few comments along that line too.


    September 12, a day observed annually to commemorate the day following September 11, 2001. 9/12 represents all that is good in America. That day when a sleeping citizenry awoke and united against anyone who would dare try and destroy the greatest nation on earth.

    The year 2009 finds us divided as a nation and those who would preserve it in the form it has been in since its birth find themselves doing what United States Armed Forces are sworn to do. They find themselves trying to protect it from all enemies, “…both foreign and domestic.”

    Unlike the Armed Forces these 9/12ers as they are often called only hurl words against those who would take control of this nation. On September 12, 2009 people around the National Mall in Washington, D.C., observed many thousands of 9/12ers marching toward the Nations Capitol Building. Their only weapons were their words and their shear numbers.

    Left wingers find these 9/12s rather repulsive. What the lefties say about this grass roots movement is that it is all artificial. One Lefty unable to see this world clearly, through her pitcher of Kool-Aid, described demonstrations by concerned citizens as people following some undescribed leader like lemmings marching blindly over a cliff. How insulting. People like her are so full of themselves it doesn’t occur to them that someone in this Country has First Amendment rights besides them and can think for themselves.

    As for the organizational aspect we in fact organize ourselves. We don’t need the ACORNs, CEIUs, Labor Unions, APOLLO projects, or STORMs, to organize us. Our desire for freedom and the right to have a voice in the decisions made by our government drive us to seek out and join with those of a like mind. There were no APOLLO Projects or ACORNs needed to found this nation and none is needed now.

    We find repulsive the whole concept of rule by subterfuge using Czars, parallel governments, a congress legislating to satisfy their narcissistic impulses and a Supreme Court half of whose members must not believe in the Constitution of the United States if they have ever read it.

    We the People, the so called Lemmings of 9/12 refuse to follow anyone blindly. The elitist anti-American element in this country in fact must be blind, blind to the ruin they would bring to this nation of freemen if we allow them to impose their political dreams upon us. Their strange mix of Marxism, Socialism and Fascism which they call, “Leveling” would enslave our children and our children’s children for generations to come.

    When I saw the thousands of free citizens speaking with one voice at the foot of the Nation’s Capital Building I was genuinely encouraged. Encouraged that the free citizens of this great nation will not allow Washington’s worshippers of the likes of Lenin, Castro and Chavez to turn America into their own little Gulag.

    We should all be thankful for the 9/12ers. We may not all be able to go to march on Washington, D.C., but we can support those who do go. We can help to educate those around us regarding the content of the Constitution. Before primary elections we can help to install good party delegates who will not use their vote for the status quo. Both parties have helped weaken this nation through greed and misguided ideology. Call or write your Congressman and let him know what is on your mind. Above all stand firm we cannot be defeated if we maintain our resolve.

    Phillip M. Leonard


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