The Path of the Hero — Are you on it?

by Jacqueline Smith

The Hero in today’s society has changed from the hero of the past.  Heroes used to be statesman, creators and artists who changed the world with their vision, pioneers of industry, space, or the frontier.  Heroes always placed themselves last because they knew their path would be for the greater good of society, and they believed in public virtue.  The heroes of today have become celebrities.  These are self-centered rather than selfless individuals.  Today, our heroes are unclear as we have blurred the lines of the enemy.  It is politically correct to say, everyone is right, it is okay if they don’t believe or think the way I do.  There is no real enemy, therefore, no real hero.  We have lost basic archetypes that are universal.  When we see a film or TV series that brings those archetypes back, we cheer, and everyone relates to it. 

 Every person can and should be a hero.  We feel the tug from the inside, but the world tells us we cannot go on, we don’t have time, or we cannot possibly make a difference.  We can make a difference.  YOU can make a difference.  Are you hearing the call and heeding it, or ignoring it?  Are you ready to step onto the path of the hero?

 Join us today by bringing others in your area together to discuss the wonderful freedoms on which this country was founded.  Contact The S.T.A.R. Forum, and start a group in your area.

 Path of the Hero0001


Because the print is very small here are the steps on the path:

1.  You are doing ordinary things in an ordinary life.

2.  You hear the CALL.  You feel something from inside of you that says you must act.

3.  If you refuse the call, you simply go back to doing ordinary things in your ordinary life (#1).  If you heed the call move to #4

4.  If you heed the call you find yourself a mentor, or you begin to rely on supernatural aid (God).

5.  You cross the threshold into the unknown, the abyss or the desert.  You are completely alone.

6.  You analyze your allies and your enemies.  You define who is truly on your side.

7.  Face questions that force you to see who you really are.

8.  Now you face your fear.  You are tested.  This test often in Hebrew contains the number 40.  Moses was on the mount for 40 days.  Christ fasted for 40 days.  Jonah was at Niniva for 40 days, Noah had 40 days and nights of rain, etc.  You must pass this test.

9.  After your test is passed, you receive special gifts or rewards for passing your test.

10.  Now you take the road back toward society.  This is lonely and hard.  This is your Gethsemane.

11.  You are lead to a rebirth or a resurection of self. 

12.  You head back to society with something necessary for society to heal.

What will your elixer be?  New type of energy, new mathmatics formulas, renewal of constitutional principles, renewal of alternative medicines in your area?  Will you hoist your title of liberty to rally others?  The possibilities are limitless.  Get on the Path of the Hero and find your personal mission.

4 thoughts on “The Path of the Hero — Are you on it?

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  3. You bring up a good point Matilda. You will receive resistance to your goal or your path. I think many people place obstacles on your path, which are not necessarily evil. They may be misguided, or even jealous, and will unwittingly try and stop you. Most people are good and decent, but even good and decent people (who are not self-aware) attempt to keep people in their “place” rather than allow them to soar to greater heights.

    Have you ever had a teacher tell you the odds? Have you ever had a co-worker say, “it can’t be done.”

    Although I believe, like you, that many people are on the same side, there are those, who are deliberately doing their best to thwart good. They may not be evil, but their actions prove otherwise.

    Legends do have a way of healing, because they speak of ancient wisdom that has been lost in our day.


  4. Intriguing. I’m not sure I believe, though, that we are on sides. That some people are good and the rest are evil. I’ve heard a story – I don’t know how anyone could know this is true – that when a person chooses to take a bullet, jump on a grenade, drink poison meant for someone else, or otherwise give her life, it is because she very suddenly sees that we are all on the same side. That there are no enemies and no allies, only people who want to live. That thought maybe gives her the courage, the sense that she has nothing of her own to lose, that one needs to sacrifice herself for others.

    I’ve been looking for this story everywhere online. It might be a myth like the “bees don’t know they can’t fly” myth. But myths often tell us more, and heal us more, than facts.


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