A S.T.A.R is born – Save The American Republic

The political world seems to be in upheaval.  An alignment is taking place.  The blog is here to help form that alignment.  Websites and links will be forthcoming.  Read all about how we came up with the name here. 

We are headed toward a social aristocracy, and the group of people behind this blog are ready to educate and advocate the cause of liberty.  Freedom can win.  It’s time to get educated.  We can all do our part by learning the principles of freedom. 

How?  Start by subscribing to this blog, and then go and get a copy of  “The 5,000 Year Leap” by Cleon Skousen.  Now read it.  This blog will be discussing the principles of liberty and what we can do as individuals, families, and communities to save the Republic we love.

Jacqueline Smith

3 thoughts on “A S.T.A.R is born – Save The American Republic

  1. With the cost of the U.S. military at $3,000 every man, woman and child here in America the founder of this group would need to be paying 21,000 per year in federal income tax to cover her families share of the bill.

    I also find it amusing that, being from a state that sucks up more federal money than they pay in, that they’re concerned about deficits since their freeloading on the federal budget is one of the major causes of the deficit.


    • It sounds like you are one that wants to bring the troops home. As this blog is centered on Principles of Liberty, may I recommend that you notice that Prrinciple of Liberty # 25 is a direct quote from Thomas Jefferson, “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations: entangling alliances with none.”

      Much of our deficit can be attributed to the central private banking system known as the Federal Reserve. Also, the inflationary measures taken by this entity continue to drain the public of their wealth. Do I think Utah should stop taking Federal dollars? Sure. But we should also stop sending so many federal dollars to them. This is a cycle that needs to end.


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